Job Satisfaction Among Nurses Research Proposal

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Job Satisfaction in Nursing Related to Generational Differences

The proposal is based on the aspect of job satisfaction in the nursing sector taking into account the levels of satisfaction in relation to the age differences or the generational differences. The proposal highlights the major steps that will be followed and the approaches and the tools that will be used in finding out the background reasons causing the attrition in nursing relative to the different generations, the extent of the attrition, the trend among generations in relation to their perspective on nursing over the years. The paper highlights the relevant tools that will be used in the collection of the data and the modes of analysis that will be used.


Generations involved in nursing

In order to understand the entire possibility of the generational gap being a possible contributor, it is significant to understand the generations involved in the nursing and also deeply delve into their world, know their perspective of the world in general and the job environment in particular, after which one can juxtapose these perspectives to the nursing situation and fully understand the role of the generation that a nurse belongs to in the


Once the characteristics of these generations are well understood, and the needs that do vary well understood, then it would be easier to assign the various forms of motivation to the generations and evaluate weather these modes of motivation actually work or not on the individual generations. It is possible that a given motivation source could work for a given generation and fail to work for another generation yet both are in the nursing fraternity; this calls for the deep understanding of the different generations since it is the source of the conflict and demotivation.

Baby boomers are those who were born between 1946 and 1964. Some of them have just reached 65 years. At 65 years, Americans become eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Those who are 65 years and older are considered senior boomers. The senior boomers are a big deal to demographers and healthcare policy drafters. The are a concern to healthcare policy makers because they tend to develop complications that calls for the attention of specialists who understand how their body works as well as their psychological make up.

Literature review

An aging workforce is a major exit factor from the nursing profession and just like other careers, the nursing profession is affected by the aging population meaning that nurses continue to retire and with no fresh graduates to take up the positions of these retired nurses translates to an inevitable…

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