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The reality of flexible learning is that the structure of the educational experience is not there, and people can feel as though they are losing out when that is the case. They do lose out in some ways, because learning the traditional way is far different from online learning. Both have their inherent advantages and disadvantages, and the reality is probably much more convoluted and difficult to accept than the idea. This is unfortunate, because flexible learning options have a lot to offer to the right people - those who are seriously dedicated to their education but who are truly unable to attend classes in a standard environment. For many people, however, traditional learning still works better for them if they are able to attend. Even the traditional way of learning has become more flexible than it used to be, and that means that learners who need a little extra help or assistance can get it now, where they were not able to get it in the past. The idea of flexible learning continues to evolve, as well, which will help to improve the reality of it.

3.How does or should the development of flexible learning programs differ from that of more traditional programs?

When flexible learning programs are developed, they are designed to be for people who cannot make it to traditional classes for whatever reason. This can be for people who have jobs and family responsibilities that would stop them from going to classes at set times. It can also be for people who are physically handicapped and therefore have a hard time getting from their home to the college or getting around campus. It is certainly understandable why these types of people might need a different way to learn. What has been seen, though, is that more and more people are taking flexible learning classes where they can just stay home and do the work online. There are some problems with letting just anyone do this, and they miss out on a lot of the opportunities and experiences that they would otherwise have, and that help them to shape themselves and to grow and challenge themselves.

Flexible learning programs should differ from traditional learning programs as little as possible, because the content of the program and what is learned from it should remain the same. Depending on the subject there may be certain things that cannot be completed or done in the same way, but there are usually other options that people can use in order to make the program very similar. Without these similarities the program loses something and no longer teaches individuals in the same way that a traditional classroom would. The experience is lost, and a lot of the information is often lost, as well. People often cheat because they know that they can. One may think that they are only cheating themselves if they do this, but they cheat others in society as well when they receive their degrees but do not have the subject knowledge to back up their claims. It can make the educational system look bad and show a need for even more restructuring and changing that will undoubtedly take place as society moves forward.

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