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There are some indications that observational learning might be genetic; animals teaching their young to hunt and the discovery of mirror neurons -- brain cells that fire when emotions/behaviors are observed in others -- both point to a biological basis for this type of learning. This learning is far more likely to occur if observed behaviors are met with rewards, however. Observational learning is also at the heart of the controversy concerning violence in the media, which some believe leads to more violent behavior in real life as individuals observe and learn from "fake" violent depictions.

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There is growing evidence that violent media does in fact lead to increased real-world violence, both with "copy-cat" crimes and simply with violence generally. Exposure to violence lowers inhibitions against violence and possibly alters perceptions about the...


Simple desensitization can also occur. Exposure to real-world violence and aggression has a definite impact on aggressive behavior, too. Cultural differences in teaching methods can be profound, leading to equally large differences in learning styles. Relational learning and analytical learning are two different types, with the former focusing on relationships between component parts of a problem/situation, and the latter breaking things down into their constituent parts. It has been suggested that learning styles differ among minority groups even within the same overall culture, but whether or not this is true its certainly the case that different learning values and systems exist for different individuals and cultures.

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