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Dear Judge Smith:

This letter represents my application to your honor for the position of legal assistant which you have stated through the State and County publications is open and needs to be filled. I come with excellent qualifications as per my educational attainment and my educational achievement and commitment. I have attended Cumberland School of Law and while I have not yet graduated, I am in my final year of law school.

I have genuine love and interest for the law and the legal sector of our society because the law is ever-changing and this makes it very interesting as I follow the changes and shifts in the laws of our country and this state. Indeed it is these changes that initially attracted me to this field of study as I have always been interested in the legal process and since a child have followed closely the various changes in...


Constitutional law is one of my favorite areas of the law as it serves to impact and color all laws and specifically the Bill of Rights as it pertains to the rights of the individual.

The position of legal assistant which you have announced as open is of particular interest to me since your office is one of Circuit Criminal Court and the cases that you hear and make adjudication on are highly impacted by Constitutional law, the Bill of Rights, and particularly related to search and seizure laws.

My research skills are excellent having taken the required classes and having made the Dean's list each quarter of my attending Cumberland School of law. My education while attending Cumberland School of Law includes the first year and second year curriculum of Torts, Contracts I, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Lawyering and Legal Reasoning I, Contracts II, Real Property, Civil Procedure II, Evidence, Lawyering and Legal Reasoning II, Constitutional Law I and II, Business Organizations, Wills, Trusts & Estates, Payment Systems/Secured Transactions and Professional Responsibilities totaling 67 hours for the first year and second year.

In addition I have completed the Advanced Appellate Advocacy Class, Advanced Evidence, Advanced Skills in Trial Advocacy, Advanced Writing Skills for Lawyers, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust Law, Alabama Civil Litigation Practice and Procedures, Complex Litigation, Conflicts of Laws, Consumer Protection, Criminal Procedure I and II, Directed Research I and II, and Judicial Externship I and II…

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references from my work in my Externship with the Federal Judge. I assisted the Federal Judge in writing post-trial judgments and in writing briefs on many levels including appeals. My grade point average is 3.9. My genuine love for the field of law makes me an ideal candidate to serve as your legal assistant and my high level of educational attainment and excellence demonstrates my commitment to excellence.

Therefore, this letter of application is a formal request that you consider me for the position of legal assistant with the office of your honor based upon my qualifications, my educational attainment, my high grade point average, my experience working an Externship with a Federal Judge who will give me the highest reference.

Respectfully Yours,

John Doe

March 19, 2015
Cumberland School of Law Courses (2015) Samford University. Retrieved from: http://www.samford.edu/cumberlandlaw/courses/
Cumberland School of Law Courses (2015) Samford University. Retrieved from: http://www.samford.edu/cumberlandlaw/courses/

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