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¶ … Lipo Down Plan

Outline of MarCom Campaign- The Republic of Singapore is a SE Asian City State known for its strong commitment to education, modernization, and cleanliness. Over 5 million people live in Singapore, boasting the 3rd highest per capita income of almost $60,000 International dollars. The population is vital, median of 37 years old 87% home ownership and one of the highest mobile phone subscriber densities in the world (Key Demographic Indicators, 2012). All of this contributes to a large number of people who are modern, image conscious, tuned into the modern world of social networking, technologically adept, educated, and consistent with a population with disposable income. Body image is of the upmost importance to a large percentage of Singaporeans; both male and female, but particularly females. Lipo-Down is a natural supplement made from Japanese Wakame Seaweed with the purported benefits of burning fat cells 24/7. While sales of weight management products have dropped, they are still a $36 million (Singapore) market with significant niches already in place...


These will be focused on the criteria of the buying/selling stages below.

Part 2 -- Identification of MarCom techniques







Press briefing


Web sites

Trade Shows

Industry Events

Press mentions

Spokes persons


References and Test timonals

Presentations to health clubs and other groups


(direct and at trade shows)

Seek out events for target demographic (women 21-45)

IPhone and other apps (perhaps with calorie counters)

Technical collateral

Competitive Positioning advertising

Product guarantees

E-commerce Web sites

Customer References

Auto ship and discount options

"Thank you" and follow up communications by e-mail, text with reorder options

Incentives for recommendations and repurchases

Part 3 -- Suitable Media Channels




Billboards (small)

Initial recognition

Non-traditional billboards in shopping malls, restaurants, spas, streets


Target audience

Her World (English)…

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