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Colon cancer is defined as a cancer that begins in the rectum or colon. The cancers are referred to as colon or rectal cancer with reference to their orientating point. Colon and rectal cancers share different features and ultimate diagnosis procedures. The disorders are discussed collectively in this paper including their treatment approach.

In case cancer forms within polyps, they eventually start growing into the colon or rectal walls. While cancer cells attach to the wall, they continue growing within blood and lymph vessels. The lymph vessels are relatively thin, and tiny channels are carrying away fluid and waste (Acton, 2013). They occasionally drain into subsequent lymph nodes that are bean-shaped structures and contain immune cells to helping fighting the infections. Immediately the cancer cells start spreading to lymph or blood vessels, they travel to the lymph nodes and other distant body parts like the liver. The process of cancer spreads to distant body parts is popular as metastasis.


The recommendation grade relates to strengths involved in the support of evidence and the amounts of recommendation based on the treatment (Peterson, 2014). The concept does not offer viable reflection on the relevance of the clinical traditional techniques.

Patients with 40 years and above present the field with onset features of the disease to rectal bleeding without investigations (Young, Hobbs, & Kerr, 2011). The Major review for patients involved in clinical service for regional genetics can be recommended for use inaccurate risk assessment where family history and Colon cancer are the basic principal indicators of referral investigation. Any symptomatic patient needs to have extensive blood count. Cases of anemia and overall iron deficiency presence can be determined in similar forums. Colonoscopy is highly recommended as it offers an effective and sensitive approach to diagnosing Colon cancer and enabling polypectomy and biopsy. CT colonography is used within safe and sensitive colonoscopy alternatives (Peterson, 2014). Patients diagnosed with Colon cancer at Stage III can be considered to engage adjuvant chemotherapy. Optimal treatment strategies used on patients having metastatic colon cancer can be determined through discussions within multidisciplinary team meetings. However, decision-making is based on the extent and site of the metastatic disease coupled with the patient's performance status and organ function (Acton, 2013). Colon cancer patients with a potential…

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