Marketing Plan For A Sport Research Paper


As the promotions expire however, a small decline in the number of sales is expected. The company is however confident that it will manage to sell an estimated 1,300 products following the expiry of the promotions and that it will be able to sustain this level. Additionally, organizational improvements in the product offer and new marketing campaigns would also be implemented and they would attract new customers and as such generate more sales. 9. Sponsorship

Three sponsorships contracts are to be signed -- they have already been negotiated and they would be completed as the project is launched. The first sponsor is the local city hall, which is committed to helping the local women improve the quality of their life through sports. The second sponsor is an international cosmetics organization looking to promote well-being for women. Finally, the third sponsor is a local corporation, looking to improve its image and be perceived as a socially responsible member of the community.

10. Public relations

The public relations activities would be ensured by the public relations department at the sports center. The consumers would be encouraged to contact the company for any information. The staff members would be trained in order to treat the prospective customers with politeness and friendliness and be also able to offer them sufficient information. The sports center representatives would offer interviews in specialized magazines and would feature in the local media to promote the aerobics class in particular and sports in general.

11. The legal aspects of sport marketing

The aerobics class would function in full accordance with the legislation regulating the sports activities. The coaches would behave in the most ethical manner and the sustained ongoing focus of the sports center is that of well-being of the customers. The center will also comply with all safety regulations by ensuring adequacy of the facility and the work out equipments. The center forbids the usage of illegal drugs. The center has a medical facility to offer quick medical assistance in case of injury.

The promotion, advertising and other marketing efforts related to the sports center and the aerobics class will be developed and implemented in full accordance with the available legislation. The advertisements...


Sport marketing in the future
The future of sports marketing is yet unknown. It is however expected for it to intensify as the world recognizes the necessity for exercise and a healthy life. As this necessity becomes a constant of life, it is believed that the number of sports service providing companies would increase. In such a context, the role of marketing would increase in the attraction of customers. Given this estimated future, marketing practices in the sports segment would intensify. Additionally, they would improve in quality in the meaning that they would become more specific and better tailored to the product promoted and the market addressed.

13. Conclusions

One of the noteworthy challenges of the modern day community is given by the growing threat of the inadequate life style upon human health. The sports center, through its multitude of products and services, comes to help the population improve its quality of life. The targeted audience for the aerobics class is formed specifically from women, who will be attracted through a complex marketing campaign, such as promotional sales or complementary products.

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