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Octagon Sports Marketing Plan

Octagon Sports Marketing

Octagon Sports Company has been proud to be an industry leader in terms of events management, sports and entertainment marketing, and representation of athletes and personalities al over the world. It was founded in the year 1983 and after wards acquired as sports and entertainment event marketing arm of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) in 1997 by the same company (IPG). Currently Octagon Company is able to employ more than 1000 professionals in the more than 60 offices across the globe.

Octagon Sports Marketing Company has been a pioneer in terms of full service sports and entertainment corporate consulting, bringing together various marketing disciplines and services in a single roof for the benefit of our clients. The in-house resources that our company offers are efficiency and convenience and this is apart from traditional and specialized services offered. In several occasion the company connects brands to fans in order to grow loyalty and attract new favorable business as well as drive return on investment or return on objectives. It is also known to be among the most leading organizations of advertising agencies and market service companies.

Octagon enjoys duration of more than 20 years of increasing market share as well as operational performance for our clients, assisting our clients in building business plans that adapt to their changing markets. Current success needs not just leveraging technology, but being competitive which involves integration of technology and processes to act as a starting point for improving market presence and position as well as using technology everywhere and any moment.

Marketing Strategy and Objectives

Just as the way Octagon is widely recognized to be among the most powerful global sports marketing companies, it generates annual worldwide marketing revenue in excess of $400 million. Octagon can be said again to manages and influence 3 billion dollars worth of annual global sponsorship fees and branded entertainment initiatives. Octagon work with more than 800 Athletes & Personalities clients, hundreds of blue chip corporate clients, and manages more than a total of 5,000 events in a year. The main goal of our athlete marketing department is based on creating and maximizing off-field corporate relationships for every of our clients.

The company constantly pursues corporate opportunities aggressively and tactically locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Octagon's personnel ensure that every client is supplied with a unique and individual marketing plan, (Frank Craighili, 2000). The purposes for this strategic plan is to allow the company maximize clients' earning potential in their playing careers, and at the same time offering enjoyable off-field as well as community-related activities with which to participate. At the end of the day our mission revolves around creating new avenues for personal and professional fulfillment that is able to provide both short- and long-term opportunities that will definitely assist in the development of an individual's character, community, and life.

Situational Analysis

Octagon as a company is extremely dedicated to combine the power, resources, and relationships of international sports organization having in mind their importance to our clients. The company always makes every effort to deliver the highest level of personal attention to our clients. Our clients always have the opportunity of accessing directly each of our staff members every moment. Apart from the company being proud of its performance in negotiating over $1 billion in NFL and marketing contracts, it is also enjoy pride in terms of providing both the quantity and quality of personal attention to each of our client's need. To a greater extend the success of our company is measured by the quality of the comprehensive relationship that we keep with our clients. Octagon commitment to personal attention is extended further to any additional person the client may require to have a direct access to. It is only through maintaining control of the size of our practice that the company finds it possible to deliver on these guarantees for the length of each and every client's career both on and off the field.

The marketing/PR Intern has the opportunity to work in Octagon's Football Division where they will be introduced to the environment indeed offers a great opportunity where a passionate, creative, and driven graduate or undergraduate student could wish to further his/her business interests especially in sports and be able to come out with an elaborate knowledge and experience in sports marketing. As our interns continue with the course, they will work closely with a Football agent where they will help in various challenging and interesting projects. Some of the areas where your assistance will be required are in marketing research, creating presentation materials, marketing calls, appearance events, organizing marketing plans/proposal and schedule media requests among other. Moreover, intern may be closely involved in coordination, marketing, as well as P.R. For anew Comcast TV segment featuring two of the ATL Falcon clients.

Tactical Programs

Athlete and Property Marketing

Octagon's Athlete & Property Marketing has been a centralized team which has mainly focused its operation on the research, planning and execution of strategic sales and marketing programs. Such integrated programs have been established for the agency's personalities, athletes, events and specialty properties, (McLean, 2013). Our personnel are usually involved in market research, creation and execution of outbound sales efforts, as well as development of marketing materials for the personalities, athletes, properties and events that are represented by Octagon. They will provide exposure to the process of developing event sponsorship, speaking appearances, athlete endorsements, marketing initiatives across various sports and properties.


Octagon Basketball has always been known to be among the industry leaders in talent representation for NBA players. History of the company is rooted in basketball and the company commitment to personal attention and client service is the seal that we ride on, (Mclean, 2012). Management of careers is not limited since it can cover legends such as Moses Malone and David Robinson, to current stars such as Davis West, Rudy Gay, or Stephen Curry. This is because the firm Basketball's expertise and success has spanned decades whether in the NBA or internationally. Octagon personnel works closely with our agents in conducting market research according to compile statistical information, contract negotiation, as well as scouting reports, where they will help in recruiting perspective clients and creating original market tools for existing clients. They will negotiate contracts for NBA players and other day-to-day activities.

Client Financial Services

This helps to provide financial planning to professional athletes. Its operation involves advising athletes who are in various sports and in every level, ranging from retired NBA legends, to active superstars, to the future emerging talent. The firms' potential staffs of CPA's and CFP's have establish a business around managing the financial needs of the professional athlete who may be faced with unique, complex financial issues that needs expertise and experience,( McLean, 2013). They will ensure clients' reports have been developed that informs them their financial situation, serve them with player contracts, and assist in day-to-day operations of wire requests and bill payments.

Digital Media

Octagon Digital have partner with various leading technology companies and online sports publishers in providing back and front end solutions by use of in-house developed technology. Octagon digital is as well using Octagon's deep ties within the sports industry as an opportunity to sell online inventory on third party, sites focused on sports and present analysis as well as implementation of strategic digital partnerships and equity investments, (Mclean (VA) 2013). Our digital media team works on providing breaking news sport content for our sports tracking blog, and assists in developing and growing our twitter-based technologies.

Entertainment PR/Marketing/Celebrity Consulting (First Call)

Generally, Octagon First Call has specialized in assessing the value of celebrity talent for marketing agencies, brands and non-profit associations. The First Call team ensures that they craft ways in which to leverage talents in athletes, musicians, actors, chefs among others, within a marketing campaign, dealing with negotiation from start to the end and finally activating the program, (Los Angeles (CA) 2009). They therefore becomes involved in endorsement, public relation programs, social media, advertising campaigns, hospitality, online video vignettes, promotions/sweepstakes, meet-and-great appearance, private entertainment and corporate speaking. The process involved include to: understand program objectives; recommend talent based on relevance; time and budget; negotiate all the agreements; ultimately managing celebrity activation.


Octagon Football has been known to be a leading industry in talent representation for NFL athletes. The firm operates in full service dealing with every aspects of an NFL athlete's career such as marketing, contract negotiation, charitable developments, and public relations, (McLean, 2013). The firm is also known for its dedication to personal attention as well as helping our clients to attain greatness. Having more than 60 clients in NFL currently including most famous individuals, the reputation and expertise of Octagon football in NFL is well established.

Public Relations

The objective of the Octagon in public relations is to create and maintain a favorable brand image for agency, clients, and agents. We believe that creating…

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