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Mayo Clinic's Marketing

Mayo Clinic is a health care provider that is renowned for its provision of health care services to a huge number of customers with different health issues. This health care provider has continued to experience tremendous growth and success at a time when the health industry, especially hospitals, is facing significant pressure to reduce costs and enhance the quality of services. Most hospitals have responded to this pressure through consolidating their operations in order to ensure they operate more efficiently and provide cheaper care. However, Mayo Clinic has not consolidated but developed plans to expand its reach throughout the world. One of the crucial measures that have contributed to its recent success and acts as the cornerstone of its radical plan is effective marketing.

Direct Impact of Marketing for Mayo Clinic

As previously mentioned, the success and profitability of Mayo Clinic at a time when the health care industry is experiencing considerable challenges is attributable to effective marketing strategies and initiatives (Nisen, 2013). Throughout its operations, Mayo Clinic has continued to benefit from its marketing strategies and initiatives directly and indirectly. The direct impact of marketing for Mayo Clinic is a huge customer base that is attributable to increased interactions between this health care provider and customers. Through its marketing strategies and initiatives, Mayo Clinic alerts consumers of potential beneficial treatments or...


This contributes to the emergence of a huge customer base for the health care provider since customers receive quality care and make Mayo Clinic their preferred health care provider.

The other aspect of huge customer base for Mayo Clinic due to marketing strategies and initiatives is enhanced understanding of health conditions and treatment procedures. As customers increase their interactions with the hospital, they gain more understanding of various health conditions and their associated treatments or interventions. This implies that marketing enables Mayo Clinic to ensure its patients are more educated regarding their health and assume more control over their care and well-being. In essence, patients' visits to Mayo Clinic become more interactive and contribute to delivery of quality care services.

Utilization of Products or Services

One of the most important aspects of ensuring effective operations at Mayo Clinic is utilization of products and/or services provided by the health care provider. This implies that Mayo Clinic needs to have a strategy for determining utilization of its products and/or services by customers. This is primarily because effective utilization contributes to decreased costs of operations while enhancing the hospital's capability to provide quality care that meets the ever-changing needs of patients. The strategy for Mayo Clinic to determine utilization of its products and/or services includes examining patient outcomes and experiences. This health care provider needs to examine patient outcomes depending on whether their health improves or deteriorates after visiting the hospital and their level of satisfaction with products or services offered. Patient outcomes and experiences is a major indicator of how the hospital utilizes its products and/or services in enhancing the health and well-being of patients.

Secondly, the provider should examine its costs relative to desired goals and objectives for a pre-determined period of time. Health care costs act as one of the most important factors in determining the effectiveness of a health care provider to utilize its products or services in a suitable manner. By examining these costs relative to desired goals and objectives, the health care provider will have a clear picture of the effectiveness of its operations. The third aspect of this strategy is to consider its brand recognition among customers or patient population. Brand recognition not only indicates the level of patients' satisfaction with the hospital but also shows the extent with which resources are utilized effectively to enhance patient outcomes.

Marketing Strategy for…

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