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Media Sociology Q. How mobile communication

How have mobile communication technologies changed everyday life?

Communication is the basis of every function and it is critical to functioning of civilization. Be it formal communication or routine communication, it is very important in ascertaining the very existence of human life and coexistence. There has been a lot of development in this regard, and this development has taken place in recent years, which is exponential in many terms, because of the levels, it has encompassed. Major advancement has been made in the information technology and mobile-based communication, which has completely changed the way in the human race, existed. To a greater extent, mobile communication has become one of the most inseparable parts of human life and life in unimaginable without this technology. Regular aspects of human life such as trade, education, healthcare etc. are largely dependent on mobile communication, which is why, advancement in this direction is still ongoing, and is achieving more milestones by each passing day.

There has been a considerable measure of improvement in this respect, and this advancement has occurred lately, which is exponential in numerous terms, due to the levels, it has enveloped. Real progression has been made in the data innovation and mobile-based communication, which has totally changed the path in the human race, existed. To a more prominent degree, mobile communication has turned into a standout amongst the most as one sections of human life and life in inconceivable without this innovation (Castells, & Annenberg Research Network on International Communication, 2009).

Defining and discussing mobile communication technologies

There are a detailed legacy and history associated with the wireless communication, which is based on the very initial inventions made by Marconi, and these principles date back to 1899. There has been a lot of technological advancement on the wireless technology portal, which has paved way for better and more improved technology to be adopted. Mobile-based wireless technology is no more restricted and has gone further than the previous wireless ranges and signals. Signals and wireless spectrum of invisible rays have now developed across generations and are now supporting devices with 3G and 4G spectrums. This has increased the overall pace and efficiency of mobile communication, which is why more functions are being added on this portal, apart from just communication (Raychaudhuri & Mandayam, 2012).


There is a channelized manner in which mobile service providers offer service to their patrons, which mostly includes services such as WI-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G. Technically, the Institute of Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has categorized the Wi-Fi ranges into certain standards, which have evolved from the earlier 802.11b to 802.11a and finally to 802.11g, while the latest development in this direction is the 802.11n. These ranges have uplifted the levels of wireless functioning and the way in which such interface happened earlier.

Wireless broadband is additionally accessible through cell telephony's 3G administrations. 3G services incorporate Development Information Just (EV-DO) innovation, fast download bundle access (HSDPA) and all inclusive mobile phone framework (UMTS) (Gift & Glades, 2006). There has been a great deal of innovative progressions on the wireless innovation gateway, which has cleared a path for better and more enhanced engineering to be embraced. Mobile-based wireless engineering is no more limited and has gone more distant than the past, wireless ranges and signs. Signs and wireless spectrum of imperceptible beams have now created crosswise over eras and are currently supporting gadgets with 3g and 4g spectrums. This has expanded the general pace and productivity of mobile communication, which is the reason more capacities are being, included this entry, separated from simply communication (Dahlman, Parkvall & Skold, 2011).

Defining 'everyday life'

Mobiles have grown usage and in terms of offering to the


In the last few years, they have become an integral part of the major part of the population. Life cannot be imagined without their existence; in fact, life is next to impossible without these devices in today's fast moving and highly competitive society. Major parts of trade and commerce are dependent on mobile-based communication (Slater 1997). Without the existence of such communication portal, these financial functions cannot be imagined, which would be a big blow for the economic setup. Mobiles have affected people from all walks of life, alike, and individuals from all age groups make use of this function in their way.

Recently, they have turned into an indispensable piece of a significant piece of populace. Life can't be envisioned without their presence; life is by incomprehensible without these gadgets in today's quick moving and exceedingly focused society. Significant parts of exchange and business are subject to mobile-based communication. Without the presence of such communication gateway, this money related capacities can't be envisioned, which would be an enormous blow for the monetary setup. Mobiles have influenced individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds, alike and people from all age gatherings make utilization of this capacity in their particular manner (Rippin, 2005).

How we use mobile communication technology in 2015

Despite the fact that there have been immense developments and advancements made in the direction of mobile technology, there is still vast scope for development. Mobile and wireless technology has major opportunities in the coming future as more and more programs are being associated with this function in particular (Volkom et al., 2014). There are many electronic gadgets which are existent for various purposes, and each gadget has their personalized function. Wireless technology is constantly working in the direction of combining these functions together and integrating these devices.

To make such a vast portal successful, wireless and mobile technology is being developed in an impeccable and fool proof manner, which is the basis for future technology. Apart from this, there are many security related functions which are being developed. This development is with the motive of providing financial and physical security to major portions of the population. Regardless of the way that there have been huge improvements and progressions made mobile innovation, there is still unlimited extent of advancement. Mobile and wireless engineering has significant open doors in the nearing future as more projects are being connected with this capacity specifically.

There are numerous electronic devices which are existent for different purposes, and every contraption has their own particular customized capacity. Wireless innovation is always living up to expectations in heading of consolidating these capacities together and incorporating these gadgets. To make such a limitless entrance fruitful, wireless and mobile innovation is being produced in a flawless and nitwit evidence way, which is the premise for future engineering. Separated from this, there are numerous security related capacities which are being produced. This advancement is with the thought process of giving money related and physical security to real partitions of populace (Cruz-Cunha & Moreira, 2011).

Comparing generations - parents born in the 1950s and 1960s compared with their children born in the 1990s

Generation gap is very common terminology that is widely used and spoken of, and it is very much valid in describing a very important aspect of our society. Social implications make it very tough for individuals from two different generations to function and exist together. There is a huge difference in the way one generation functions from the other, and this difference is there due to certain aspects. These reasons are both psychological and physical, which gives rise to the generation gap. Earlier generations or elder population had a completely different type of exposure in terms of social setup and scientific advancements, which contributed towards their development as individuals (Cribb, 2009). Society nowadays is much more liberal and practical, which is why the young generation carries such conscience. Generation crevice is extremely basic phrasing that is utilized and talked about, and it is all that much legitimate in portraying a critical part of our general public.

Social ramifications make it extremely intense for people from two separate generations to capacity and exist together. There is a tremendous distinction in the way one-generation capacities from the other, and this distinction is there because of specific angles. These reasons are both mental and physical, which offers climb to the generation difference. Prior generations or senior populace had a totally distinctive kind of introduction as far as social setup and experimental headways, which helped towards their improvement as people. Society these days are considerably more liberal and functional, which is the reason the youthful generation conveys such still, small voice (Dharmalingam et al. 2007).

Are these changes good or bad, benefit or problem

There are positive as well as negative implications of each development, but in regard to the extreme technological advancement, which has been experienced by the world, there are more negative implications. Technological and communication-based development has been manifold in the past few years, and it has adversely affected the social setup and social integration of our society. Families and peer groups are not the same, as they used to be a few years ago, and there has been a wide disintegration which has been prevalent among close-knit families and…

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