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Obesity n France/ChildhoodOrder

Obesity in childhood in France

Obesity is a global problem that affects people early on in childhood, and many children never learn about how important their dieting habits are and when they are constantly exposed to whatever they want to especially to the high contents of sugar in soft drinks. In France, there are many families who follow a well-balanced diet because of their parenting, preference, education, or whatever the reason they may be, yet there are other families that prefer to live off a lot of junk food, high in carbohydrates, and other bad for you sugars and fats and fried food with instead of a well balanced diet. When observing the childhood obesity of France due to soft drink it was notated from France Ellisle from France's Institute of Health and Medical Research, there is a direct link between weight gain and sugar, and the average adolescent is eating close to 15 or more than 20 teaspoons of sugar each day and the fast food routine just makes it more difficult "Obesity," 2010).

In France there are numerous concerns that have been assessed over the years with obesity in children...


However, we all know that when parents are not present the kids are more often trapped at home and unable to get out and get the exercise they need every day that helps burn calories. The increased in home activity due to technology is another way of keeping children in the home and on the couch or bed, and some kids have been more time in front of the television than doing any other activity ("Obesity," 2010).

There are many environmental concerns that impact what children eat, as well as the poor eating habits, education, and many studies that have shown that childhood obesity has a lot to do with the amount of time they are restricted at school during daytime hours is very…

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