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Much oil is also used for heating, especially during winter. Therefore, new commitments toward researching, developing, and making available, on a large scale, alternative sources of heating must be made, and this time kept, as well.


To try seriously, however, to identify and describe one core "solution" to oil dependency; that is both untested and would nevertheless work, in this author's opinion, is (and especially given even the current extent of research and understanding into the gnarly depth of the problem and its myriad continuing causes) not only a fruitless exercise, but extremely naive. Instead, the answer lies in not one solution but combinations of many: starting with will; and continuing (perhaps indefinitely) with persistence, patience, personal and public sacrifice; and a loss of national hedonism; self-centeredness; arrogance, and a sense of personal and national entitlement. All of this, in combination, albeit gradually, could still, if the will were to exist in the future, begin to solve the problem.

An attitude of true and sustained gravitas vis-a-vis this global problem, however, must exist beforehand, however, as the condition of possibility for any real solutions to ever occur. New laws and increased public awareness will help, but insufficiently. And any "solution is a band-aid one only, if the very foundations of greed, power, and enormous political and corporate corruption in America and elsewhere, are no longer just palliated, but instead - this time -with the entire planet now at serious risk - destroyed for good.

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