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contingency plan is that it needs to be able to keep people secure and protected. If a crisis does occur, people need to feel as though they are protected, and that all employees, visitors, customers and suppliers are safeguarded and shielded from any harm that could occur. Another element of a contingency plan is that it needs to be able to secure and protect the core elements of the business at large, such as the infrastructure and the critical processes while slowing any disruptions to the business (Fischer et al., 2013). Furthermore, a strong contingency plan will be able to safeguard all information along with information systems, such as those which include or impact supplier connections and client connections (Fischer et al., 2013). A good contingency plan is one which is able to make basic assumptions which are correct to foster a baseline for planning. A good contingency plan is one which is able to engage in risk assessment and vulnerability prior to the contingency plan being made (Fischer et al., 2013). A good contingency plan will be aware of all types of hazards and be able to engage in critical process of identification.

Chapter 12

Employees should definitely be prosecuted for stealing to the furthest extent of the law. Employees who steal are ones who have broken the bonds of trust between them and their employers. An employee who steals can never be trusted again, because that employee has demonstrated that he or she does not have a valuable ethical compass. This means that the employee needs to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law as a viable form of discipline and punishment. This is also so important, because it is likely that if this one employee is stealing, others are as well, or others are aware of it or are at least considering it. Thus, this means that its absolutely necessary to make an example out of this employee and to attempt to determine what can and should be done to use him and the punishment waged on him as a warning to all other employees. Another reason that the employee should be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law is because such circumstances are the best manifestation of justice. In such a case, the organization has been wronged and punishing this employee is the best way for justice to prevail.

Part Two

There are specific danger signals that some employees give off when they steal or when they habitually give off vibrations that signify they are dishonest people. It can be difficult to predict who might steal or not, but there are still certain signs that remain constants when it comes to this arena. For example, employees who are bad with money, irresponsible with money or who suddenly acquire luxury goods should be looked at closely. Such people might be indifferent to the value of money or might find themselves in difficult circumstances eventually because they are so reckless with their spending (Fischer, et al., 2013). Other high risk people are those with bad credit scores, or those who are constantly badgered by creditors. Other high risk employees are those who are under great financial strain, such as an illness at home (Fischer et al., 2013). Thus, it's important to be aware of the signs that would enable an employee to steal such as financial hardship, financial irresponsibility, along with drug, alcohol or gambling…

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