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Health Care In my area, drug use isn't really a spike, it's been pretty high for a while (no pun intended). There are a number of factors to which this is attributed, but suffice to say that it is a complex issue. A lot of it is just experimentation. Nobody cares about weed, so it's really when things progress to harder drug, and more addictive drugs, that it becomes a real social problem. I feel like a lot of people just want to experiment, and they do not really know the risks. There is a lot of sense that they are invincible. And, arguably, there is a lot of supply, too. If it was just weed, again, no big deal, but there's a lot worse things than that, and those other drugs are basically easy to get. So when you have people who are interested to try things, are not really aware of the risks or downplay them, and there's a lot of access to very bad things, then you have the makings of a persistent drug problem.

But there are other factors as well. There are socioeconomic factors, where maybe a lot of people do not see much hope in life, and they turn to drugs to help them through problems. This seems to be something that happens with things like opiates, as people use them to self-medicate. There does seem to be a difference between people who...


I remember one job where I was really happy, and I think I was satisfied for two things. The first reason is that it was a really positive organizational culture. I had been working in negative places for years, so it was really a breath of fresh air to work in a place where everybody was happy and wanted to be there -- I had never really experienced that before. The other thing was the work itself, which was a more physical job. Not so much that it broke me down, but enough that I felt good, like I was getting good exercise. The body likes that. I performed very well in that job. It is not that I performed poorly in the other jobs, it was more like I did not really care whether or not I did well. With the good job, I actually cared whether or not I did well. Because it mattered, I really went out of my way to make sure I did a great job. To me, that is how I know that I like my work, when I genuinely an excited to get out there and make a difference each day. 3. Health care relies on biomedical research because biology is a rather critical component of health care. Biomedical research is important in that it enhances our understanding of the body, and how body systems work. Furthermore, there is an…

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