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Statement of Proposition: The audience should gain from this speech a desire to vote for me, for President of the Condominium Association. The audience should not only feel a strong desire to vote for me, but should feel that it is the right thing to do, and be able to articulate a coherent argument in favor of voting for me as President of the Condo Association.

Argument #1. I am the most qualified person among the candidates for the position.

Support #1. I have experience managing a fast food franchise, including both the budget and the


I have five years working with budgets, most of which were larger than the one for the condo association

Support #3. I have lived in the building for seven years and sat on the board for the association for the past three. This is more experience here than any of the others

Support #4. I worked with the special committee on security issues to have the new security gates installed on the parking garage. This project was brought in under budget and with better specs than the association originally expected, and was the only major project of the past three years for this to be the case.

Argument #2. Voting for me is the right thing to do.

Support #1. I have clearly demonstrated in my past work with the association that I am a fair and even-handed administrator who looks out for everybody's interest


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