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Empathy and rapport with subject has to be profound, particularly where the researcher may have a priori thoughts or personal stakes with the matter at hand. If the latter exists, it may be better that she not do the research.

Analysis of the research can be somewhat daunting given the vast amount of material (interview notes, tape-recording, jottings etc.) generated by the interviews. The way one goes about this is via a brief cursory reading of the material, roughly identifying key themes and points. One then aggregates these key themes in a set of notes and organizes them with the aid of (for instance) a mind-map or post-it notes so that they become points that one then uses to review the original material again and add to or modify in order to assess whether what one has noted is correct and complete (Hycner, 1985).

Nonetheless, analysis can still be tricky and sometimes messy particularly when data doesn't fall into neat categories and participants may come up with contradictory themes that sometimes seem vague and non-coherent. This is especially problematic when the terms are large. In this case, data is, generally, entered into a database according to various key headings, and a mailmerge tool is used to extract and compare entries. This helps the researcher compare and contrast data, as well as to juxtapose them and identify relationships.

Discussion of porposed study in raltion to theory

Researchers have postied quantities of explanations are regards the sucide phenomenon itself and to aht end they have conducted numerous laboratoery / quantaitive studies. Very fe have evaltueated the mother's feelgins on the phenomena, and this is particualry difficult to do given tha thtis is a taboo sibject. However, interviwewng the mothers, and delving into how they feel form their...


Throguh examination of the etiology and phenomenogloy of suide formth e apretn's perspective, the author of this research explains hwo to recognize tis many faces, enahcing socialwrolers' abtiltioy, when dealing with this population (of both parents and wider family of the sudice indivual) to uncover dangers that others, exposed to conventional desctriptions, may miss (Shea, 1999).

Barnes (2006) reseach for instance discovered that parents of sucide indicauls felt that they did nto receive apprapritate or adequnate helpf form religious communtieis in their time of need and that mothers often had to undergo the grieving process alone. These findings are useful for social workers in extending and directing their help in deealginwith bereaved families. Phenomenoglical research can expand on tehse findings to discover particuarl ways in which the paritens do not feel tha they are beign helped as wellas particaurl maners inw hcih corunselrs can help greiivng mothers. Inf act, it may be realtisticly posted that greiivng mtoerhs of suicde victms are a unique category unto themselves that require special coutneling approach and tools. Intevieing thse individuals ina pehnomenoglocial mantner amy provide us with technqiuers tha tcan be used in structing programs for their benefit as wellas hekpign cousnelros know hwo to best deal with this special population.


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