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photo was taken on one of the happiest days of my childhood, the first day of summer after third grade. I remember waking up with the sunrise that day. My brother and I jumped out of bed when the alarm went off. It was the first day of summer, and we were delighted to see that the sun was shining brightly. Birds chirped madly outside our second floor bedroom window, and my brother and I sat there for a few moments before mom ushered us downstairs for our breakfast. She was as excited as we were that there was no more school for the next three months. She and dad ate their cereal with as much joy as we did, shoveling down every bite with enthusiasm. Dad was the first one to mention the soccer game that afternoon.

So who is going to be there? Is Joey? Dharma? Magdalena?"

My brother answered before dad could finish naming our friends' names.

Yeah, they'll all be there," he said with a mouth full of Cheerios.

Mom was equally as quick to participate in the blossoming breakfast conversation.

It's such a nice day. Maybe we'll carpool with the Kleins after the game, maybe we'll pick you up and all go out for some pizza or something," she said with a big smile and a wink.

A nodded my head in strong affirmation of the pizza suggestion; my mouth was too full of grub to say a word. Before I knew it we were piling into our minivan and headed for the community soccer field. My brother and I both had duffel bags full of soccer clothes, towels, and water bottles. We stared out of the windows at the scenery that sped by. I remember the time on the clock: 8:15 AM. I was really looking forward to this game because the last time we played, they won. I glanced at my brother, who was a grade ahead of me. Leon looked like an older version of me at the time, with his chocolate eyes and shiny, straight…

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