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Political Science

Vincent Hutchings -- Racial Coding in American Politics

What are three key points discussed by the scholar?

The three key points that were discussed include: race continues to play an important role in political perceptions; to avoid negative stereo types requires showing a particular demographic in a positive light and most people are more racially tolerant but have negative perceptions at the same time. As a result, political candidates are subtle in the messages they are sending. This will not generate a backlash from the voters. ("Vincent Hutchings," 2013)

How do these key points relate to the chapters assigned so far in the term? Give two concrete example.

These points are illustrating how racial relations have changed since the 1960s. Now anyone who is running for office must reach out to different demographics through subtle messages. This is achieved by showing the way they are embracing these new ideas and rejecting those beliefs of the past. ("Vincent Hutchings," 2013)

One example of this can be seen in how this approach has changed. Previously, many politicians (i.e. George Wallace) could make negative comments about the capabilities of a particular racial group (i.e. African-Americans). This helped him to appeal to his base and ensure that he was reelected. ("Vincent Hutchings," 2013)

However, the last 45 years have introduced changes in the way these techniques are
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used to influence voters. For instance, Barrack Obama utilized this subtle message to show how he was from both black and white backgrounds. This is different from the tactics used by Wallace, as he is criticizing the past and pointing out how he is the future. Once this happened, is when Obama was able to transform the beliefs of the voters about minorities and their contributions to society. ("Vincent Hutchings," 2013)

What are the scholar's biggest critiques of the government and the American political system?

The scholar's biggest criticisms of government and the American political system is that racial attitudes still exist. This is in response to the views of most political scientists who claim that race is no longer relevant in politics. However, he determined that there are favorable and negative perceptions which are interconnected with each other. These insights can be used to influence the minds of voters by manipulating how they will look at particular candidate. In this case, he is criticizing the way these perceptions still exist but on a different level. This is demonstrating how these ideas are altered in order to support larger political objectives. ("Vincent Hutchings," 2013)

How do you feel about their perspectives?

These perspectives are correct for the most part. However, this not only occurs with whites. It also exists within other racial groups. For instance, in 2012 a white member of the…

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