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Advertising and Its Effects

Advertising is the art of making a product known to the potential buyers. It entails the use of various means of media and any other means that can relay the message to the people out there. Through advertisements, the buyers can know more than just the availability of a product. Besides being made aware of the product, consumers can learn about the prices and the usability of the products being sold. Advertisement is a commercial activity, and media houses make most of the revenue from it (Batra, 2009). People and even companies pay to be covered by the platforms of these media in order to have a better way of convincing the public to purchase the goods and services. This paper discusses the various aspects of advertisement and its effects to all concerned stakeholders.

Forms of advertisements

The most commonly used forms of advertisements include both electronic and print media. Television and radio advertisements have been the most common ones for a long time (Murray, et al., 2004). They both customize the content of the adverts to reach the specific targeted audience. Advertisements made through these means are all important and appropriate when advertising products that need detailed descriptions. When advertising through these channels, only those people who are within range can access the adverts. In this regard, the best adverts to be made are those that are timed and released when it is suspected that people have ample time to view them. This is perhaps in the evenings in what is known in adverts' prime time. In terms of billing, these times cost much money to make an advert, unlike the other hours. Marketing and product promotion cannot be attained without adverts. The print media relays their adverts effectively but not in real time although the content is not live as in the electronic media. Media has a way of boosting sales through adverts...


Billboards are large boards placed in major streets in towns and major highways so that many people can see. This form of advertising is appropriate for use in advertising products, which are new in the market. Since they present the products for view for a very long time, they are appropriate for making a maximum impact on the potential consumers (Olney, Holbrook, & Batra, 1991). Fliers are small leaflets that are circulated possessing the message of the advertisement to intended products. In this case, the adverts are only suitable for short-term events. Together with free goods, the fliers are only suitable when launching a new product. They make the best since they can cause maximum impact instantly (Batra, 2009).

Technology has crept into the advertisement scene and has brought a revolution into the field. Social media is the latest addition to the field of advertisement and is a product of technology. It uses the online platform to make the words known to the world. Social media is an internet-based platform that has a variety of options where people can post their communications and in both verbal and textual manner (Ferrier & Fleming, 2014). In the online platform, people tend to use it mainly for socialization but can also serve as official platforms for companies. Besides the social media, other technology-supported platforms are available for use in this regard. These include blogs and websites. Blogs enable people to share customized information that can sell the company products.

Unlike the social media options, blogs are made of detailed information that can provide a pointer to the nature of the company. Blogs act as identities for the companies since they portray all the features of the…

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