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¶ … problem solving involves the customer being very well-acquainted with the product as a result of researching it. The customer in this situation initially had little to no knowledge of the product, the brand selling it, and the market as a whole. A person wanting to buy a car typically engages in such a process.

Limited problem solving occurs in a situation when customers have already developed a set of measuring tools in order to evaluate a product and the brands promoting it. Even with this, their knowledge is still limited and they have to do more research in order to gain a complex understanding of the industry. Someone wanting to buy a jacket normally takes on ideas related to this type of problem solving.

Routinized response can be observed in situations when customers are accustomed to purchasing particular products. These respective consumers rarely need to perform additional research in order to understand the product better, as they are already familiar with most information regarding it. An individual buying bread on a daily basis usually engages in routinized problem solving.

Q2 .

The consumer buying decision model first involves determining whether or not the individual needs the product. If he or she needs it, they are going to go further with the purchasing behavior. The second part entails gathering more information about the product. The third part relates to the consumer becoming aware of the several offers available and concentrating on choosing one. The fourth involves the purchase decision that might be shaped by the way that the customer interacts with the company providing the product. Post-purchase behavior is largely related to the consumer's experiences with the product.

The input phase regards ways in which the consumer's decision is being affected by environments and ideas he or she interacts with. The process phase is more complex and it involves the consumer's ability to understand a product and to use reason when deciding whether or not to purchase it. The output phase involves the product's purchase -- a moment consequent to which the consumer needs to evaluate the product's effect on his or her life.

Q3. Consumer gifting behavior can occur in a series of situations (for example, on a customer's birthday or when a company introduces a new product and provides existing customers with vouchers so as for them to be able to come in contact with it).


Chapter 15.

Societal marketing involves companies acting in accordance with the needs of...


While being legal in most cases, covert marketing is not ethical, considering that consumers are practically tricked into interacting with a product they would otherwise not consider.

Product placement occurs when particular products are being promoted via a channel such as a television program. Again, while it is legal, this type of promotion is not very ethical when considering that people might purchase products only because they see their favorite characters using them too.

Deceptive advertising is a concept where companies promote their products in a certain way without actually having proof to support their claims. Colgate's ad and the way it emphasized its product as being verified by dental experts is a good example of deceptive advertising.

The FTC analyzes promotional campaigns with the purpose to determine whether particular messages are likely to mislead customers.

Consumer privacy is a very controversial topic in the present, with more and more companies using technology with the purpose to better understand potential customers. These companies can thus identify ways of reaching out to these respective individuals without them actually being aware.

Cause-related marketing involves companies using various charitable causes in…

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