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Project Management and Spanish

PM: My current experience with project management has been beneficial to this course because it has allowed me to understand the basic concepts that are being presented. It is easier for me to apply the concepts that are presented and think of examples of how this works in the real world. Project management can be quite complex, and it can take many different projects to really get good at it, so any experience I can build up, the better that is for me.

There are definitely some challenges associated with this learning. I feel that experience is one of the best ways to learn, so ideally there would be a good mix of the theory and the practice. It can be difficult to visualize things when you haven't done them. Also, the software aspect can be challenging. As with a lot of software applications, there is a learning curve and at this point I am definitely not that far along the curve. So hopefully the conceptual application of knowledge and my abilities on the software will get better at the same time. I see this as a challenge that can only be overcome gradually, and I will do that.


I think that I need to cover ground in each of them, and really work with them, in order for me to determine what I will like the best, and definitely to determine what I might have the most aptitude with. So for me, it is important that I simply continue to learn and gain exposure to the different concepts and knowledge with respect to project management.

I guess if there is one thing, the more uncertain things like project risk are interesting. Things that are maybe more finite, or determined, like budgeting, are less interesting. I kind of like to work with the grey areas, and risk involves a little bit more creative thinking about what can go wrong, what are the odds and outcomes of that, and most importantly how can that risk to reduced. It's problem identification and then problem-solving, so a pretty good challenge for me and I am sure that I will like to get to that part of the text.


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