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There are many diseases that can be treated if they are detected at an early stage. A number of such diseases include cancers including colon, cervical and breast cancers. All of the mentioned diseases can be fatal if they are not treated in a timely manner. For treatment in a timely manner, it is important that the disease is detected while it is still benign and not that harmful. For that purpose people need to get screened so that they know if they have any kind of morbidity. Many campaigns are being run all over the world for creating awareness about these screening tests among women so that they can help fight their disease while it is still at an early stage. However, there are many hurdles to the effectiveness of such campaigns and one of which is the financial limitations. Therefore, there is a program that has been launched especially for women and that is called "Every Woman Matters'. This is a program that would pay for women who are aged between 40 and 74, if they want to get any screening tests done. These women will be given financial aid if they fulfill the eligibility criteria that have been set for the program. It should be remembered that one of the eligibility criterion is the age limit; women under the age of 40 and above the age of 74 are not looked after in this program.

The services that are provided to the enrolled women of Every Woman Matters include...


Another aspect of this program is the special steps that have been taken for the eradication of cancer and for the provision of proper healthcare facilities to the women who have been diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer. The vision of this program is to provide education, quality treatment and rehabilitation to every woman who has been diagnosed with any one of the aforementioned cancers, irrespective of their age, social, economic level and race.

The mission of this program is to make available the financial resources for the women who have been diagnosed with cervical and breast cancer as per their financial status so that there is no woman who cannot get herself treated because there is a lack of financial resources.

The reasons why this program was ineffective was because a certain eligibility criteria was set for the financial aid of the women who wanted to get screened. Another thing that rendered this program somewhat ineffective was the fact that there was an age bracket for the women to take advantage of these services, since many cases of breast…

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