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The next day he got an a on the test. Can he conclude that eating lots of popcorn is a necessary condition for memorizing psychology information? Why or why not?

No, Todd cannot draw that conclusion from the limited experiment he conducted. First of all, Todd does not know how he would have performed on the test if he hadn't eaten the popcorn, and he hasn't considered all the other conditions that occurred and may be the necessary condition for getting an a on the test, such as: amount of studying, amount of sleep, type of food eaten, memory ability, learning ability, etc.

* Depict a scenario describing each of the three relationships with their required conditions as discussed earlier in the Analyzing Data section of this Journal Activity.

Necessary condition: If the child hears the English language spoken, the child may or may not learn to speak English.

Sufficient condition: If one parent has brown eyes, all children may or may not have brown eyes.

All necessary and sufficient conditions: If the child has blue eyes, then both parents carried a gene for blue eyes.

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* Hypothesis: Certain reflexes are inborn.

Research: A study to determine whether reflexes are inborn was conducted with 3,000 healthy newborns at hospitals in all parts of the world. Two reflexes-grasping and rooting-were studied. Soon after each baby was born, a doctor or nurse performed two tests.

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