Safety Hazards, From Fires To Natural Disasters Essay

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¶ … safety hazards, from fires to natural disasters and I think we can view violence as another one after things like Sandy Hook. I know the buildings in the area sometimes need to be modified to withstand the natural disasters, and there are stringent fire codes as well. Things like asbestos would have been replaced by newer flame retardants. The violence issue has not really been dealt with. I'm not sure what the best solution here is, and I think that the school administrators are unsure as well. Journal 3. I grew up in a multicultural community and we took learning about other cultures as second nature. I cannot think of a better approach. Health and safety have nothing to do with culture -- these are universal. Nutrition is a little different because kids eat so differently at home in different cultures. I had a Japanese friend and learned about sushi. When discussing nutrition in school, teachers definitely need to take into account that people from different cultures eat different things. You simply cannot talk about Western foods only to a multicultural audience, because it lacks relevance. The same can be said for other...


Teach a little bit of their history and culture, so that everybody has a better understanding.
Page 2 Journal 4. Nutrition is important at all ages, but especially at young age. So much of a child's growth occurs early, and it is at the younger ages when nutrition can have its greatest impact on how strong the child's body and mind are. Further, there is evidence to suggest that childhood obesity is very hard to reverse later in life (Ebbeling, Pawlak and Ludwig, 2002). Food allergies are a different matter. There are a few important ones to bear in mind, but those children and their parents have a responsibility to ensure that the school is aware of the allergy. It is important to know about these things so that we can help keep children safe.

Journal 5. There are a lot of great snacks. The Internet is full of snack ideas, and I would change the snacks frequently so that kids have exposure to lots of food and do not get bored. Dried fruits and nuts are wonderful. Fresh fruit makes for a good snack. There are some…

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