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Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) radically transforms the therapeutic process and relationship. As the name suggests, solution-focused brief therapy is about "being brief and focusing on solutions, rather than on problems," ("About Solution-Focused Brief Therapy," n.d.). Instead of drawn-out and costly sessions with therapists, the client receives highly focused therapeutic intervals that do not delve into the past other than what is absolutely necessary. Only three to five sessions are generally warranted for solution-focused brief therapy (Iveson, 2002). The underlying principle of being solution-focused is that therapy should be proactive. The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association (n.d.) claims, "so much time and energy, as well as many resources, are spent on talking about problems, rather than thinking about what might help us to get to solutions that would bring on realistic, reasonable relief as quickly as possible." In fact, during the intake interview, the client might not even be asked about what the "problem" is, in order to keep the therapy focused exclusively on the "solution" or what is envisioned as positive outcomes (Iveson, 2002, p. 149). The purpose is to get the client to think immediately and critically about goals and how to achieve them. "All that clients need is to want something different -- even if at the starting point they do not think that something different is possible," (Iveson, 2002, p. 149).

The process of solution-focused brief therapy begins with the intake interview, which may use a scaling system to help the client envision where they are at and where they would like to be regarding specific goals. A scaling system, for example, asks the client to rate where they are with regards to their goal on a scale of one to ten (Iveson, 2002). A scaling self-evaluation allows for the exploration of different aspects of one complaint. For example, solutions to a problem like anxiety could focus on feeling confident in social situations, feeling confident about one's direction in…

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