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One of the things that I find to be most interesting is how widely dispersed Spanish is. I had to look up Malabo -- Africa! I did not know that there were Spanish speakers in Africa. So for me, this was quite interesting. But the exercise on page 24 also highlighted that just because a country is Spanish-speaking does not mean that everybody speaks Spanish. People in these countries often have complex histories, and many other regional languages are spoken. You can see this in Mexico, too, where in many parts of the country there are native groups that speak their own language. This is the case in a lot of Spanish-speaking countries.

So this is something that one has to bear in mind when dealing with Spanish-speaking people. One must remember that the Spanish-speaking world is very large, and diverse. Even people from Spain might otherwise speak a different language, and have a unique culture. We know that the Basque people are very different from the Castilian. Throughout Latin America, native groups speak languages that are nothing like Spanish, and some of them like those descended...


It is also worth thinking that each country has its own history, and the experiences of these people can be quite different. The experience of a Cuban-American from Miami is quite different from a Mexican living in a Texas border town, for example. So while one would not be expected to be an expert on these differences, it is wise to remember that there are difference. When learning Spanish, one must keep in mind that you are learning basically one type of Spanish, a sort of generic version of the language, and that some things will be different in other parts of the world. All the different variations of Spanish might be unfamiliar to native speakers, let alone anybody else. Just think of it in terms of English -- how different do Jamaicans, Scottish or Australians sound from us, yet they all are speaking the exact same language. The exercises were great at highlighting the diversity of Spanish and Spanish-speaking people.


The best approach to project selection is to evaluate projects without bias. That means examining them based on their net present value (not ROI) and choosing the project(s) that combined add the most value to the company. This…

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