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¶ … Student Achievement on the Elementary Level

One of the most helpful journals in this regard has been the Teacher's College Board. This online periodical is highly searchable and very-user friendly. It also appears to have a tremendous number of articles written from the perspective of teachers who are currently teaching and thus running into common problems or obstacles of student development and achievement. Thus, the articles and research published have a stronger sense of timeliness and relevancy than other journals. Furthermore, there appear to be a higher caliber of conclusions drawn from these articles with findings which point to concrete advice for teachers currently teaching and the challenges they face along with how to meet them. Another journal which has been found to be extremely enlightening and illuminating in this regard is the Journal of School Health. This Journal tends to have articles which are more qualitative in nature, and which demonstrate how things like feelings and emotions can actually impact relationships between students and teachers. This is a journal which tends to focus more strongly on articles which allude to emotional intelligence and emotional maturity as being factors which impact student...


This journal also tends to have articles which allude to the necessity of strong relationships between students and teachers and how to better hone and cultivate those relationships.

Another journal which I've also found to be extremely useful has been the American Educational Research Journal. This journal tended to attract a greater variety of topics in connection to student achievement on the elementary level. By attracting a greater variety of articles and research on student achievement, it truly allows the reader to cultivate a more nuanced view of the varying factors which can have an impact on all of these things. Thus, because my research plans to look at the wide range of factors which can impact a student's ability to achieve, it really is ideal that I focus on the American Educational Research Journal. According to the periodical: "The American Educational Research Journal publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes. The Social and Institutional Analysis section focuses on significant political, cultural, social, economic, and organizational issues in education, and the Teaching, Learning, and Human Development section explores the processes and outcomes of teaching, learning, and human development…

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