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This is evident in the introverted, shy young man's progress to "owning" the role of Word War I expert in the class. If evaluated only on quantitative metrics, the students' potential would not have been observed and nurtured.

Based on these insights the following proposed Balanced Learning Assessment Framework has been created.

Balanced Learning Assessment Framework

This framework takes into account both the need on the part of educators to balance the quantitative and qualitative aspects of assessments while continually striving to be worthy of students' trust. It also shows the reciprocal nature of how effective an instructor is at their teaching duties, as reflected in how well students learn by combining quantitative and qualitative measures to define educational goal attainment. Those who are mathematically included could produce an equation or algorithm that could, with a fairly high degree of accuracy, define an aggregate education goal attainment score based on the combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments. These would together be a truer measure of student performance than just taking one over another.

This assessment framework also creates a highly effective planning tool for defining how best to proceed with scaffolding strategies and programs on a per-student basis. After assisting the introverted young man to be more confident in class, the question of whether the quantitative scores alone were, in one sense, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy of teaching strategies that hindered his growth. Having not questioned other instructors on their perceptions of this student's performance, this was difficult to ascertain., but it does raise a critically important question about assessments: do they lead to a myopic vision of student long-term performance, driving instructors to only concentrate on areas that deliver measurable value? After working with the introverted yet very bright student, this question shows why balancing qualitative and quantitative factors is critically important for measuring long-term learning.

Quantitative Assessment

Qualitative Assessment


Metrics of learning strategies (scaffolding too)

Education Goal Attainment

Communication Frequency








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