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teaching system in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Rigorous daily challenges face teachers who are striving to offer their students the best of their knowledge with regard to their subject matter. Scenarios in which more than one subject is incorporated help both teachers and students to derive greater enjoyment and learning from their education. A teaching scenario as the one described, therefore, could be of great benefit to students aiming at a career in teaching.

Such students may for example learn much regarding the subject matter to be incorporated in the lesson, as well as specific teaching methods to impart this knowledge to students. It is for example important to gather enough information regarding the specific issues and subjects involved in order to teach effectively. A variety of research methods can then be used in order to do this.

Teaching students can also learn how to make lessons interesting for middle school children. The setting in the goldfish scenario is familiar to students, to which they are able to relate. This is an important aspect of teaching. An interesting setting in which students can take an active part is more conducive to the learning process than a traditional classroom setting. Teaching students can then learn various methods of involving each student in the learning process. Students can for example be divided into groups, each with a different task to perform, such as creating fingerprints or researching forensic science.

In this way students become part not only of the learning process, but also of teaching. What teaching students learn from this is that the teacher becomes the facilitator, which may entail both teaching and learning. Students are empowered to conduct their own research and gather their own knowledge. The teacher then provides a setting in which this knowledge can be shared…

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