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Disruptive Technologies and Innovative Organizations: Tesla

Tesla happens to be one of the most recognizable companies today mostly owing to its huge bet on clean energy via the design and manufacture of electric vehicles. It important to note that on its website, Tesla states its mission as the acceleration the worlds transition to energy that could be deemed sustainable (Tesla, 2021). This is a worthy cause given that past studies have indicated that from an environmental perspective, fossil fuels continue to wreak havoc in our planet. However, what Tesla has sought to accomplish is not, by any measure, a mean feat. What the company has achieved so far could be attributed to its innovative approach. In this context, the term innovation will be used with reference to the bringing to life of new ideas via the deployment of practical and creative approaches.

From the onset, and perhaps most obviously, Tesla has essentially taken it upon itself to transform the auto industry. This it has done by introducing new ideas/technologies and, in some instances, meshing old approaches with new ways of doing things. Although Tesla is not the first company to design and launch an electric car, it is the first commercial entity to have produced a potent premium sedan that is all-electric and has full-range options. Tesla was able to actualize this goal via sheer creativity and development of solutions to bottlenecks that appeared insurmountable…craft a culture that enables the said innovation. For instance, as Kane and Kana (2020) observe, the company has in the past done away with the traditional corporate hierarchy and has appeared to be in factor of a style of management that permits easier flow of information i.e. in the sense that employees are free to share ideas with top-level managers without having to go through lengthy processes. This means that the company has essentially sought to do away with communication barriers that could stifle innovation. As a matter of fact, as Kane and Kana (2020) further point out, thanks to this enabling environment, Teslas innovations havent always trickled from the top (176). This way, the company…

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