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Sound Practices: Noise Control in the Healthcare Environment

Comment on the need for training for nurses in the area of assessing elderly patients.

Despite all of the advances the modern healthcare has to offer, sound management is one of the issues that can affect patients that has actually gotten worse over the years. Much of the technology that has been introduced into healthcare facilities has often neglected the effects of sound in patient areas. Further, patients and visitors often bring their own devices which can also add to the sound levels. The problem of noisy environments can actually build upon itself as well because once the noise levels increase then anyone in that environment will have to speak louder than the surroundings to be heard.

Noisy environments can led to problems in all patients, but especially the elderly. One effect of noise can be the increase in blood pressure as well as heartrates (HermanMiller Healthcare, 2006). Higher blood pressure can lead to the higher risk of cardiac problems as well as increase the risk of heart attacks. It can also psychologically stress a patient and prevent them for getting the rest they may need for their own recovery. To access the sound levels in a healthcare environment, a digital decibel meter can be used and a "Sound Quality Committee" can be appointed to measure sounds.

2. Summarize the tests that are used to evaluate mobility in the elderly.

There are many ways that nurses and staff can test how the sound levels in the environment are affecting the elderly. One way is to simply ask them. A patient might be able to recognize the discomfort they are feeling in a noisy environment. If the patient is having trouble resting then one solution might be to move them to a quieter area or maybe reduce the source of the noise that's bothering them.

3. Summarize the medical component of health assessment for the elderly.

Noise can lead to an increase in stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. There are many conditions that can be worsened by the effects of noisy environments. Depending on their individual health assessment and their current condition, the noise levels could pose an immediate risk to their health.

4.,5.,6., Summarize each of the following respectively: the psychosocial, cognitive, functional components of the elderly health assessment.

The psychosocial component can be affected by noise because it can be…

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