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They are the same age but Buck's family is wealthy and, for all intents and purposes, he should be refined but he is not.

Twain uses satire with the Grangerfords by making fun of Emmeline, who keeps a notebook full of notations like car wrecks, other kinds of bad luck, and suffering because she would later use those records to compose poetry.

The Grangeford's are also used for Twain to point out the hypocrisy of people. They are "church goers" and one of Mr. Grangerford's sermons is about brotherly love yet his family is feuding with another family for a reason no one can remember.

Examples of imagery in Chapter 19 include the days and nights swimming by, sliding along slowly. We read about the bullfrogs "a-cluttering" (323) and the cool breeze "fanning" (323) their faces.
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The intent on this scene is to bring the woods alive for the reader.

The characters of the Duke and King are satirical because Twain scolds small-time crooks with these characters.

The weather in Chapter 20 is foreshadowing the conflict ahead because the storm is filled winds that screams and glares that light up the sky through rain and thrashing trees.

Huck reaches an epiphany in Chapter 23 as he realizes that Jim has feelings, too. The feelings Jim has for his wife and children "don't seem natural" (346) but Huck is willing to believe that his friend can feel this deeply for another human being. Pathos occurs during this scene when Huck sees Jim as a man and not a slave.

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