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This connects with the physical layout of the Mall, which appears to connect each monument in relation to all the other monuments. This is the premise that Griswold uses for his third section, where he connects his discussion of the VVM with the preceding sections. In this way, the article in many ways resembles the relationship between the different monuments in the Mall.

The article concludes by addressing the unique effect of the VVM upon visitors, and its concomitant meaning for the American people. Like the other monuments, it serves both as a reminder and an educational tool. In addition, there is a third, unique element: the interrogative quality of the monument, which also holds a warning. The monument, in inspiring a therapeutic patriotism, also interrogates the visitor in terms of the meaning of war. It asks whether the sacrifice was truly worth it, and whether it would be necessary again. The article concludes with references to the patriotism and therapy connected with the monument.

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references to the patriotism and therapy connected with the monument.

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