Violence In The Education System Research Paper


School Violence Schools have more Responsibility to Prevent School Violence than ever before

Issues related to school violence have become an increasingly salient issue in modern society. This issue affects schools on many levels. On one level, there rise in the number of tragedies such as mass shootings have increased and these incidents clearly illustrate the need for safer educational environments for children and adolescents. However, there are also more subtle examples of violence that can occur in school environments such as bullying. The evidence that bullying is severe physical and psychological detriment to students has become increasingly clear. Furthermore, technology has also offered new platforms in which violence can occur between students. For example, there have been many cases of online bullying that have occurred on social networks. This analysis will provide a brief overview of different types of violence that can occur in schools as well as a discussion about a school's responsibility to students and the local community within this environment.

Overview of School Violence

There are many extreme cases of school violence that have flooded mass media channels in recent years. While the number of extreme incidents of school violence remains relatively small, extreme incidents cause the most concern for parents,...


For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was among the most tragic events in U.S. History to date. This incident represents the second deadliest mass shooting by a single individual in U.S. history (the first was also a school shooting, but at a college at the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings).
These are clear and obvious examples of extreme violence that has occurred on school campuses and sparked a national debate about how to best protect children from incidents of extreme violence. This has prompted many to consider how guns are ending up in the hands of unstable individuals and as a result many people and politicians have demanded more effective gun regulations. The visibility of these school shootings has been wide spread and have dominated much of the discussion about school violence in recent years. The response to these evident have ranged considerably in different schools from doing nothing to increasing many school security measures such as introducing metal detectors and school security personnel on some campuses.

However, there are many more examples of violence that are not as extreme as mass shootings. Problems such as youth delinquency, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and school dropout have been identified as the common risk…

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