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It is important to recognize the many different areas within adult education, and what type of students these areas attract. Ultimately, for the adult education department to be successful, it must attract a wide variety of students, and keep at least some of those students coming back to continue their education in order to be successful. Adult education serves a vital role in the upper education system, and it serves a diverse amount of people, but in most institutions it also has to support itself if not turn a profit, and that is an important aspect to take into consideration. Therefore, classes must be viable to the institution, but to the student, as well, to keep attracting a wide variety of students into the program.

In addition, diverse students could form a major foundation of the program, and...
...Diversity in adult education is nothing new, but the student and the practitioner both have very important roles in the adult education setting, and helping the practitioner understand these roles is the goal of this discussion. The department's ultimate purpose is to serve this more diverse community, so they can begin, continue, or finish their educational requirements, but as the labor education piece notes, there are many different ways to accomplish these goals, and the practitioner should be familiar with all of them to be the most effective they can be. Adult education has a great role in the future of education, and it is extremely important to understand all facets of the whole, from diversity and labor education, to standard university offerings, to make the department effectual for all.

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