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More precisely, the article points out through thorough references that the quality of the education system has decreased especially in impoverished communities throughout the United States. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of education, the article argues, one must first and foremost tackle its root cause, poverty. By comparing other education systems to developing countries, it is concluded that the U.S. does not take the necessary means to address the issue of poverty among students. The article underlines the differences existing between rich communities where students have higher scores and those in which 75% of the students are poor, in which case they obtain less than the international average scores. It is also important to underline the dangers the article considers as being imminent in communities where students lack the possibilities to attend school. In this sense, the violence and the drug abusers become more and more common, an issue strictly related to high poverty areas. The article draws in the end an alarm signal which aims to draw the attention on the need for increased measures related to poor communities and the education possibilities there.

The article is useful because it offers an important analysis of the effects of poverty on the level of education in the community. Also, it will be important for defining the background of the issue under discussion which is the relation between poverty and education and the conditionality relation existing between them. At the same time, it offers a good and useful image of the magnitude of the issue from the comparison between the U.S. And different countries it provides.

Southern Education Foundation. A New Majority. Low Income Students in the South's Public Schools. SEF Report. 2007

The report presented by the Southern Education Foundation represents an important point-of-view related to the situation in the Southern parts of the U.S. This approach strengthens the opinion that indeed the education system in the South is facing increasingly worrisome problems related to the conditions of the students and the low level of education results. The report points out the fact that the historical background of the region and the racial discrimination that dominated parts of the South has had a big impact on the education system. In this sense, the funding was often influenced by racial discrimination. It also shows the history of low income students from kinder garden to college which points out that more that 37% of them belonged to poor families. This figure, as an example, is indeed relevant for the situation in the region.

The article is relevant because it discusses thoroughly the education issues in one region of the country. At the same time, it represents a good example of the way in which history with all the elements it entangles has influenced the education for poor families, an element which would be essential for creating the proper background of the issue addressed by the present paper.

Suitts, Steve. "Financial Aid for Low-Income Students: Lingering Challenges in Southern Education." Southern Education Foundation. 2001.

Steve Suitts, the Program Coordinator for Southern Education Foundation discusses the issue of the education system in the South of the U.S. from the point-of-view of the issues that need to be addressed as opposed to problems that have been solved. His perspective takes into account the wide gap that exists between different parts of the U.S. And the South. In this sense, he argues that the region is one of the least developed areas from this point-of-view. However, there are some important steps that have been made which represent an improvement in the current situation of the South education system. More precisely, the governors from West Virginia and Kentucky have addressed the issue of reduced funds and have engaged in an initiative aimed at protecting state funds from being reduced. This action is meant to have long-term effects.

The article in itself is important for the research study because it points out several aspects different regions of the country are faced with in terms of education funding. Also, it offers information on the way in which state education receives its funding and the problems arising in this respect. However, due to the fact that it limits its perspective to the South region of the country it is not entirely relevant for the situation throughout the U.S. Even so, the information provided and the situations it discusses can be relevant for a wider study on the issue of education, state funding, and the poverty surrounding this domain as well as and the actions undertaken at the political level.

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