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visual depiction of 5 personal impact groups to which you belong.

My five impact groups.


This has its own culture, history, language (e.g. AAVE) and way of looking at the world. It supports me in difficulties and provides with a social support group that is easily recognizable in any state and all over the world. Our color binds us together. It has impacted the way I grew up, and accordingly my experiences and therefore the way I perceive the world as well as what I like to read, watch, study, and think about. It has certainly too influenced the way that I feel on race and racism and also the way that I feel towards other minority groups and to people who are 'outsiders', scapegoats of society, or oppressed by so-called more powerful, influential others. It drives my desire for justice. This is important for a social worker, and therefore my background -- aqnd empathy for others -- is contributive to my career.

Volunteer with substance abuse

I have seen my people of my race in less privileged backgrounds than mine who are pressured into drugs and crime. Some have also become alcoholics due to the stress. Many of them grow up in single parent households and lack the nurture and attention of the parent. Some may actually have only one parent involved in their lives. My involvement with these children -- in the form of big brother figure- adds immeasurably to my life since I appreciate far more my own and the value of dedicated parenting. It also expands me from being a naturally self-centered character to one who is other-centered and thinking how I can better the fortune of others. It makes me more compassionate and adds satisfaction to my life.

3. Book-reading

I am an inveterate reader and have therefore joined a book club.…

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