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Can you help with an outline for a speech on cyberbullying?


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Cyberbullying is an extremely popular topic for academic essays and speeches.  In fact, we have several example essays on the cyberbullying and bullying.  It is similar to traditional in-person bullying in many ways, but because of the reach of internet devices it is often considered more serious and damaging than many methods of in-person bullying.  That is because victims describe being unable to get away from cyberbullying and to the fact that once it is online, the it is permanent.  This has led to people taking a more serious approach to bullying.  Here is an outline for a speech on the topic:

Cyberbullying Speech Outline

I. Introduction

A. Define cyberbullying

B. Prevalence

C. Why it occurs

D. How to stop it

E. Thesis Statement

II. What is cyberbullying? 

A. Define bullying

1. Pervasive or repeated

2. Unwanted aggressive behavior

3. Power imbalance between victim and bully

a. Observed

b. Perceived

B. Define cyberbullying

1. Bullying that takes place over digital devices

2. Can include any type of device

3. Can include social media

4. Often has multiple bullies

III. Prevalence of cyberbullying

A. Extremely prevalent

B. Each year about 15% of kids are bullied online

C. About 20% of kids each year report being bullied

IV. Why does bullying occur? 

A. Competing theories

B. Power

C. Popularity

D. Problems at…

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