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Can you provide me with some sample essay titles, essay topics, and outline for paper on health informatics?


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Health informatics, also known as healthcare informatics or biomedical informatics, refers to a discipline that is a hybrid of science and engineering and involves the application of informatics fields to medicine.  There are number of different topics that fall under the healthcare informatics umbrella, though the creation of electronic health records for patients is probably the most widely used application.   

Essay Titles and Essay topics for Health Informatics

Tallying the Tests: How Monitoring COVID-19 Test Results Has Helped Track the Pandemic in the U.S. and Abroad

Vaccine Records and Privacy Concerns: How Do State Vaccine Databases Hurt and Help Patients

Optimizing Patient Care Through the Creation and Maintenance of Accurate Health Records

Deadly Errors: How Errors in Electronic Health Records Can Lead to Patient Deaths

Salient Signals: The Role of Signal Processing in Healthcare Informatics

Digital Doctors: Telemedicine and Health Informatics

Distance Learning and Healthcare Professionals: Can Online Courses Replace In-Person Experiences for Training Doctors and Nurses?

Privacy and the Electronic Health Record: Is It Possible for Patients with Privacy Concerns to Access Healthcare in Modern America?

Targeted Care: Nurse Follow-ups Based on Information in a Patient’s Electronic Health Record

Conflict Resolution: What Happens When a Patient’s Self-Report Conflicts with Critical Information in a Patient’s Electronic Health Record in Emergency Scenarios?

We are including a sample outline for a paper on developing a portfolio for an Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Records Essay Outline

I. Electronic Health Records

A. What are they? 

B. Patient created

C. Facility created

D. Thesis

II. What are electronic health records? 

A. Digital version of patient’s chart

B. Automatically updated when patient obtains service

C. Maintained by different organizations in healthcare

D. Private information, but accessible by a number of users

E. Easily transmitted to other healthcare providers

III. Patient created

A. Patients can create their records online or in person

B. Patient self reports

C. May contain inaccurate information because of lies or lack of understanding

D. Insurers may create them on behalf of patients

IV. Facility-created

A. Created by healthcare providers

B. May contain only part of a patient’s care

C. Should be linked to patient’s other record

V. Conclusion

A. Restate thesis

B. Describe electronic health records

C. Facility created

D. Patient created

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