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I need help writing an essay about climate change?


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Global climate change is a very interesting topic for an essay.  While the scientific evidence for climate change is extremely strong, there has been a push by many to deny or minimize the science.  This is not a science-driven approach, but an economic one.  There are negative short-term economic consequences that come with attempting to mitigate climate change. However, this position is short-sighted, as the long-term negative economic impact of climate change could be devastating.

In fact, because most climate change essays focus on the science, the economy is a great topic for a climate change essay.

Why Ignoring Climate Change Is Fiscally Irresponsible

I. Introduction

A. What is climate change 

B. How climate change is more than global warming 

C. Economic incentives to ignore climate change 

D. Projected long-term economic impact of climate change 

E. Thesis: Ignoring climate change is fiscally irresponsible 

II. What is climate change 

A. Define climate change 

B. Explain how climate change impacts the globe 

C. Give examples of climate change that we can already see

1. Superstorms

2. Melting ice in the arctic 

3. Rising sea levels

4. Rising global temperatures

III. How climate change is more than global warming

A. Define climate

B. Define weather

C. Reveal how an overall increase in global temperatures does not equate to hotter weather everywhere

IV. Economic incentives to ignore climate change

A. Many countries are dependent on fossil fuels

B. Fossil fuel technology is relatively cheap 

C. There is a whole industry dependent on fossil fuels 

D. Oil and gas companies lobby politicians

E. Many people are currently dependent on jobs that result in elevated greenhouse gas emissions

V. Projected long-term impact of climate change

A. Economic impact of natural disasters

B. Rising seawaters will threaten habitable lands

C. Changing weather will impact growing seasons

VI. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis

B. Climate change

C. Climate change is more than weather

D. Acknowledge that climate friendly policies may have a short term negative impact

E. The long term consequences are more

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