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global warming

Global warming remains one of the most widely-debated scientific issues of modern time, and global warming essays remain a favorite topic for students and professors, alike.  Global warming is a theory that states, not only that the earth is getting warmer, which is a demonstrable scientific fact, but also that this warming is the direct result of human activity releasing greater amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Although more than 97% of scientists support the theory of global warming, it is often treated in the political sphere as lacking support, with politicians playing on the fact that many people are unaware of what the word “theory” means when used in a scientific setting.  As a result, our global warming essays not only discuss the issue of global warming, but also frequently delve into issues such as the scientific definition of a theory or political motivations to deny or support climate change science.  

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Earth Science
Scientists believe that the current warming of the planet is because of human activity because science has been politicized to a large extent, which has in turn led to economic changes. Scientists point to the use of fossil fuels as an explanation for periods of climate warming; this attention allowed the carbon credit system to be put into place, where carbon credits are bought and sold by companies to ensure a tighter regulation of the use of fossil fuels (Kenton, 2020).
While technically one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases is cows and the methane they release (Lemonick, 2017), humans are still responsible for the agriculture and farming industries. Still, most science media puts the blame on fossil fuels—the carbon dioxide coming out of internal combustion engine cars and coal-burning factories. It is the reason Elon Musk’s Tesla, Inc., has attracted such a following. They believe that…… [Read More]

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Destroyed Environment and Massively Warm Climate

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Misstep and nonstops of the 21st century that have led to the current year, 2118’s destroyed environment and massively warm climate
Our planet is being destroyed, at present, by drought, heat, fires and dust and a nearly irreversibly damaged and sick environment, which is impacting the lives of millions with its new dimension of climate change and associated health effects. The climate change impacts felt in the present day are in line with twenty-first century estimates which suggested a possibly devastating, and excessively high, risk to mankind’s health[footnoteRef:1]. According to the estimates, some of global warming’s chief threats to humanity were food insecurity, displacement, malnutrition, and other unanticipated calamities which couldn’t be experimentally ascertained on account of the climate and environment’s long-term and complicated nature. The dire nature of the estimates raises the question of why they weren’t taken seriously by twenty-first century stakeholders and what held them back…… [Read More]

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