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Identify three key challenges that leaders face in organizations nowadays?


Prompt: Identify three key challenges that leaders face in organizations nowadays, based on your reflections and the articles that you’ve chosen and read for this assignment; Explain the reason for your interest in researching and understanding these problems; Explain the potential positive changes that researching these topics may bring to understanding the art and science of Leadership and solving problems on the organizational level.


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To write a 2-to-3 page paper on the challenges that leaders face in modern organizations, you want to start by thinking about the challenges.  A 2-to-3-page paper is the standard length for a five paragraph essay, and that model can easily be expanded to a six paragraph essay.  So, you are going to need the structure of an introduction, 3 or 4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  For the body paragraphs, we would suggest identifying a key challenge for each paragraph.

While there are many different, specific challenges that leaders can face, there are three broad categories of leadership challenges: internal, external, and those that arise from the leadership role.  To make your paper more effective, we would suggest picking a challenge from each of those categories.  The three challenges we would choose are: staying humble (internal), managing stakeholders (external), and guiding change (part of the leadership role).  Those may or may not work for your essay.  Using those three challenges, we created a basic outline of what they essay would contain:

Essay Outline

I. Introduction

II. Staying humble

A. Identifying personal risks for arrogance

B. Remaining able to acknowledge when you need more knowledge

C. Remaining able to acknowledge when you are wrong

D. Learning how to acknowledge mistakes without undermining your own authority

E. Recognizing how employee strengths contribute to the team

III. Managing stakeholders

A. Identify all stakeholders

B. Determine the stakes for each group of stakeholders

C. Determine the impact that stakeholders can have on your outcome

1. Permission to continue the project

2. Funding

3. Guidelines

IV. Guiding change

A. What change is the group’s goal

B. Who can participate in the change

C. Will the change require…

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