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Struggling to come up with an essay topic to write about. It has to have two perspectives and be a global issue?


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Global issues are those issues that have an impact on more than one area of the globe, whether that impact is direct or indirect.  These issues can be things that impact all people, such as global warming, or issues that may not currently impact all people but have a potential global impact, such as the political unrest in the modern day United States.  We have compiled a list of suggested topics for an essay on global issues.  Each of them has at least two perspectives, though one of the perspectives may be stronger or more prominent than others.

Essay Topics

The impact of global terrorism on the world stage, relations between countries, exclusion policies, free trade, and open travel.

The relationship between education for girls and women’s rights in both developing countries and developed/industrialized countries.

The role of religion in world politics and whether protecting religious rights runs the risk of infringing on other inalienable rights.

The global COVID-19 pandemic and how the worldwide response to it is likely to impact the global response to future pandemics.

The current civil unrest in the United States and the controversy over both allegations that the 2020 Presidential election had fraudulent votes and the subsequent insurrection.  What are the two opposing perspectives and what impact is this likely to have on global politics?

Even accepting the science that global warming is supported by facts, is choosing environmentally responsible policies the appropriate choice when doing so impacts the standard of living for at-risk people?

Should there be an international standard for how countries treat refugees and recourse if countries fail to treat refugees in a manner that is considered humane?

Access to fresh water is critical, but in many countries private companies dominate ownership of water rights.  Is this ethical?  Whether your answer is yes or no, how do you ensure that people still have access to a reliable source of clean drinking water

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