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What are the factors affecting policy implementation?


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Policy implementation is the process of bringing a policy to life with the goal of achieving the desired outcomes.  In most cases, enacting a policy is not enough to bring about the desired changes.  That is because enacting a policy is only the first step to carrying out the policy changes; policy implementation is how the policy is actually brought to life.  The four main factors impacting policy implementation are public opinion, economic conditions, interest groups (stakeholders), and technological change.

Public opinion not only impacts whether a policy is implemented, but also how it is implemented.  Many positive policies may have a negative impact on people when introduced that for some groups can temporarily, or even permanently, outweigh the positive impact.  If the public outcry over a policy is sufficiently large, it can delay or alter policy implementation in meaningful ways, rendering even a sound policy basically powerless.

Economic conditions are one of the main factors affecting policy implementation.  What will it cost to implement the policy?  Is the money available in the budget?  What will the economic impact of the policy be?  Who will bear the brunt of any economic impact?

Does the policy require new technology?  If so, does the technology exist to support the policy?  Is there any infrastructure required to ensure that the technology functions properly?  Are there other considerations, such as proprietary rights, to ensure that the technology can be implemented? 

Finally, with any policy implementation, it is important to consider how the policies will impact and be impacted by various stakeholders.  If a group will benefit significantly from the policy change, you can expect them to help with the implementation process.  However, if there are groups that will be harmed by a policy change, you can expect resistance in the policy implementation.  How much resistance can you expect, is it enough to prevent policy implementation, and are there ways to avoid that resistance?

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