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Atlantis Essays (Examples)

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Catalog of Earthly Wonders Only
Words: 3036 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40634208
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The Mayans believed that a land called Mu once existed above the waves and that when that civilization fell below the surface, the survivors created the Mayan people (Hancock, Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization 73). In their creation story, the Mayans place Mu in the Pacific as a continent that pre-dates the Atlantis story. According to a translated Mayan Codec, the Land of Mu, like Atlantis, had been the center of significant social, scientific, religious, and cultural thought - it was, unlike Atlantis, an ideal place. When Mu fell during a massive geological upheaval, its people were able to escape to the continent of what is now South America and created the Mayan civilization - one of the most complex and significant of the ancient civilizations on the Americas.

Mu has been since taken up by what can only be loosely called New Age writers using it to link…


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Atlantis from a Geographer's Perspective. Lindorm Publishing, Oslo.

Francis Bacon's Philosophy Regards the
Words: 3933 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10442905
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Essentially, the power was held by the individual, and the individual was lacking of all incentives to make his understanding more universal.

Bacon sees this as a major obstacle to widespread progress and sees development of easily understandable tables, graphs, and illustrations necessary to the proper sharing of scientific knowledge. He writes:

But natural and experimental history is so varied and diffuse, that it confounds and distracts the understanding unless it be fixed and exhibited in due order. e must, therefore, form tables and co-ordinations of instances, upon such a plan, an in such order, that the understanding may be enabled to act upon them." (Bacon 140).

Bacon is one of the first scientist/philosophers to suggest that those in possession of specialized knowledge must find a way to translate their discoveries to others in some understandable way. This notion is reflected in "The New Atlantis" by his specific mentioning of…

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Inhabitants of N America the
Words: 991 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90606353
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Game animals may have been negatively impacted so that both animals and humans had to move to better areas -- most likely along the rivers and coastlines of Southwestern Europe where they could hunt and fish. Solutrean artists left evidence in rock art, which shows sea mammals, deep water fish, and great auks.

Faunal collections also show Solutreans were making use of marine resources, which were available all year round. All this would have required tool kits, waterproof clothes, nets, harpoons, and watercraft.

The authors theorize that seal would have played a large role in their lives. Probably, the Solutreans developed techniques for hunting seal during a colder period, and when the weather got warmer they would have had to travel farther out to find seals, eventually making extended trips. They came to the Atlantic Coast by following the migration of Canadian seals. Some families decided to stay. The authors…

Francis Bacon in an Early
Words: 3197 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40636642
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And as the instruments of the hand either give motion or guide it, so the instruments of the mind supply either suggestions for the understanding or cautions. (Bacon Novum Organum Book One; II)

Bacon attested that barriers to knowledge of the truth could not be overcome without the conscious removal (individual and societal) of preconceptions of understanding, and scientific inquiry and creation. One must be willing to set aside long held beliefs and reexamine the world in which one lives. At all turns, bacon believed there is an opportunity for greater partial understanding of Nature and her pull upon us if we set aside our sets of "one truths."

Men become attached to certain particular sciences and speculations, either because they fancy themselves the authors and inventors thereof, or because they have bestowed the greatest pains upon them and become most habituated to them. But men of this kind, if…

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Economics the Supply and Demand Simulation Featured
Words: 734 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74941626
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The supply and demand simulation featured a number of different economic prniciples at work. In terms of microeconomic principles, two that were featured prominently was the relationship between supply and demand. The impact of these two variables on the price and availability of apartments in Atlantis was at the core of the simulation. Another was price elasticity of demand. There were also some macroeconomic principles outlined, as they affect supply and demand. One was the overall population, its growth and demographic change. These factors all contribute to the supply and demand characteristics of the Atlantis rental housing market. Another macroeconomic concept that came into play was the concept of equilibrium and the effects of price ceilings on both supply and demand.

External factors cause the supply and demand curves to shift. The supply curve is shifted, for example, if there is new supply in the market. A new building…

Plato's Republic Why Do People Behave Justly
Words: 1086 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7962695
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Plato's Republic

Why do people behave justly? Is it because they fear societal punishment? Or do they do so because it is good for them and thus society as a whole? Is justice, regardless of its rewards and punishments, a good thing in and of itself? How should justice be defined? Plato responds to such questions in the Republic and concludes that justice is worthwhile in and of itself.

In Book III of the Republic, Plato continues his discourse on "guardians" (373d-374e) as well as other roles that make up a society. In order to educate guardians so they can gain the necessary character traits, he notes the importance of music and poetry, with an emphasis on simplicity of style. These guardians will be motivated by beauty and the arts (401d-403c). Such studies of art and literature, along with physical training, will develop a just soul. By stressing the importance…

Access and Quality Which Nuclear
Words: 1069 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Questionnaire Paper #: 28492692
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2) (

1. Anterior Temporal Lobectomy

2. ADULT T-Cell Leukemia

3) Worldbook online

Available through Missoula Public library (if you have a library card)

or Worldook (print edition, at your local library)

4) One other encyclopedia

Computer science and logic

Active Template Library, from Microsoft

ATLAS Transformation Language, a QVT model transformation language for Model Driven Engineering

Alternating-time Temporal Logic, a branching-time temporal logic that naturally describes computations of multi-agent system and multiplayer games


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA airport code: ATL)

Attleborough railway station, its National Rail code


ATL (film), a 2006 film set in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Above the line (advertising), an advertising strategy

Across the Line (C Radio Ulster), a C Northern Ireland music brand

ATL (band), an R& boy band

Above the Law (group), a Los Angeles-based rap group

All Time Low, a pop-punk band…


Aztec Weapons. (2010). Aztec Warfare and Weapons. Retrieved July 1, 2010

from: .

Hrdlicka, D. (2004). "HOW Hard Does it Hit? A Study of Atlatl and Dart

Ballistics." Retrieved July 1, 2010 from the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site at:

Scifi Chadbourn 2008 Believes That
Words: 1118 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 83836690
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The massive mollusks still do seem fantastical. Several of the irrational elements of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seemed more outrageous in the 19th century they do now. However, the novel continues to encapsulate the fantasy and science fiction genres because of its willingness to expand the boundary of what is real. Interestingly, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea did not stretch those boundaries much further than hard science has.

On the other hand, novels such as the ones in the Twilight series are more squarely fantastical. Barring any major scientific discoveries, vampires and shape-shifters simply do not exist. Such elements of the absolutely impossible serve various literary functions. For instance, in New Moon Stephanie Meyer uses vampires and shape-shifters to develop the central character, a human being. As in Frankenstein, the impossible becomes the best means to explore human motivations, dreams, desires, and weaknesses.

Moreover, the fantasy elements are not…

Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes
Words: 28549 Length: 95 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 64807002
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Some Chinese researchers assert that Chinese flutes may have evolved from of Indian provenance.

In fact, the kind of side-blon, or transverse, flutes musicians play in Southeast Asia have also been discovered in Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and Central Asia, as ell as throughout the Europe of the Roman Empire. This suggests that rather than originating in China or even in India, the transverse flute might have been adopted through the trade route of the Silk Road to Asia. In addition to these transverse flutes, Southeast Asians possessed the kind of long vertical flutes; similar to those found in Central Asia and Middle East.

A considerable amount of similarities exist beteen the vertical flutes of Southeast Asia and flutes from Muslim countries. This type of flute possibly came from Persians during the ninth century; during the religious migration to SEA. Likeise, the nose-blon flute culture, common to a number of…

works cited:

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Blue highlight means reference from his raw research that was sent (17 files)

Yellow highlight means that writer could not find reference; one of the 17 files received

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Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Was a
Words: 931 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85143374
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" From few data it launches itself into the construction of general principles. The principles then being regarded as true, deductively valid explanations were constructed and then protected against recalcitrant data in an ad hoc way." (McGreak 174)

Bacon was of the opinion that such theories were far too limited and limiting as they"...apply to a narrow range of particulars and have no observational consequences outside their original preserve." (McGreak 175) in other words, the older scientific method prevented the scientist or naturalist from making new and surprising discoveries. This is an insight that was to have great significance for the development of modern scientific methodology. Bacon therefore sought to use a more inductive form of reasoning in science which would " the causally and thus explanatory relevant properties of nature." (McGreak 175)

Another importance facet of his views of science and methodology is to be found in Novum Organum,…

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Encyclopedia. 6th ed.

Acqua Alta the Effect of
Words: 1522 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8460834
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Still there are those who hope that the billions of dollars, the energy, and the time that have been spent to protect Venice from high tides will resolve the water problems which Venice experiences every day, and that in the future there will still be a city to live in, and to visit for its beauty and worth (Lyss710, p. 1).


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Walden Two Human Nature and Society the
Words: 1114 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28468199
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Walden Two: Human Nature and Society

The bourgeoisie naturally conceives the world in which it is supreme to be the best.

Karl Marx

People throughout history, since the beginning of time began, have been expressing dissatisfaction with the way the world is and trying to find ways to make it better. Along the way various fictional societies called "Utopias," after the book of the same name written by Thomas More in 1515 and 1516, were created in an image of perfectionism. These utopian communities, all somewhat different in many ways and often ultimately oppositional in form and function, nevertheless had one thing in common. Each one boasted proudly that it alone was worthy of the ultimate claim: a foundation of consummate judicial and moral principles with the ultimate result of effortless happiness and true freedom for all its people.

.F. Skinner admits that when he wrote Walden Two in 1945…


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Society's Continuing Concern About Gas
Words: 2548 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98688702
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As the situation exists today, driving gasoline and electric hybrid vehicles is still more economical and environmentally sensitive than driving fuel cell cars run on hydrogen. The future may prove otherwise but the reality is that hydrogen has not proven to be the great answer that some have suggested.

IV. Comparing popular press and professional viewpoints

As one might expected, the treatment provided the issue of hydrogen use has received different treatment in the popular press than it has in the professional journals. In the popular press, the emphasis has been on the how the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel would benefit the whole of society. Little attention is provided the technical problems related to the use of hydrogen or the requisite changes that must be made in order to accommodate the changeover to hydrogen. Instead, the popular press tends to point out the environmental and consumer advantages.…

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Positives of the Movies Followed
Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 60200372
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This question appears to be at the heart of the production of the movie. I however felt that between the action of the astronauts and the images from the telescope the question was lost. A question that is central to the construction of life on earth or at least the belief of life on other planets. Hubble 3D is however still very captivating.

The short running time while criticized by some is a great feature of the movie. Any longer and the audience would have been treated to the very mundane activities of the astronauts. The length is critical to making this movie work. It is short but not too short. You get the sense that the director is attempting to send a message about space and the tools that are available to look into space and peer into the unending universe.

The use of the astronauts to repair the…

Simulation There Are a Number
Words: 771 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82055154
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The apartment management company prices to cover costs. However, if there is scarcity in the market, the company can earn superior rents, leading to higher profit. The interest is related to the cost of doing business, if the landlord has leveraged in order to acquire the property.

d. In my workplace, supply and demand work much the same as in the simulation, albeit with different demand and supplier drivers. We see our markets fluctuate, and prices respond. If something is not popular, we must discount it in order to sell it. I have to think that if a product is very popular or scarce, we could increase the price, although we usually do not. The principles covered in the simulation are seen in my workplace every day. In the medical imaging business, prices are stable day over day, but in the long run these changes do take place. Products that…

Pacal Sarcophagus a Guide to
Words: 1760 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24425035
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This story told by the sarcophagus is an important one because of the way it provides us with insights into Maya religion and history. However, it is also important because it has become one of the artifacts that 20th-century writers have used to spin fantastic stories about how the earth has been visited by extraterrestrial creatures, whose images appear on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal, in addition to other places.

As Feder (2010) writes (he is only one of many critics who take up this subjects), there is absolutely no truth to claims that the images on this sarcophagus lid that represent anything but the religion of classical Maya civilization. So why should people think that there are? This question is related to a timely one, which is why many people (many of whom should certainly know better) believe that the Maya calendar says that the end of the…


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Old Kingdom Egypt
Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27523364
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Old Kingdom Egypt

Egypt is known for its cultural and intellectual developments, because the Egyptians were focused on the afterlife. This paper will discuss the religious and cultural role of the pyramids. Funerals were very important to old kingdom Egypt and its conception of immortality. Immortality was the most important goal in the life of an Egyptian, whether they were rich or poor. Old kingdom Egypt began around 2686 BC, when King Menes united lower and upper Egypt and ran unbroken for nearly 3000 years (Koeller, 1999). It was generally run by approximately 30 family dynasties (Underwood, 2004). During this time, many pyramids were built for the rulers when they died. Although the pyramids were spectacular feats of architecture, they were also built for cultural and religious reasons. It was believed that the rulers of old kingdom Egypt were god-kings, and they would ascend from the pyramid after death and…

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Hydrothermal Vents A New Way
Words: 2749 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31652738
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2005). The rules for deep-sea life are different than those for terrestrial species. Stratification plays an important role in species classification in vent environments. As the chimney grows in height the environment changes.

Tarasov and associates believe that deep-sea vents have a longer evolutionary history then shallow vents found closer to the surface. This is an important factor in understanding how hydrothermal vents are connected to early life on planet earth. Deep-sea hydrothermal vent communities represent a different phenomenon than shallow water vents. The chemical processes that take place in the deep-sea vent communities are very different from those in shallow areas. Shallow vent species receive light from the sun and more closely resemble terrestrial life forms. However, this is not so with deep-sea forms. Hydrothermal plumes are a rising column of hot water that can have sharp definitions in microhabitats. Similar species found inside the plume and outside of…

Works Cited

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History of Canadian Labour- the
Words: 2713 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59351269
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Thus, some suggest that the competition between the workers was crucial. More precisely "competition between high-wage white workers and low-wage Asian workers explains racial exclusion (...) labor competition was the central feature of ethnic division in the working class, and exclusion was the only viable strategy under these circumstances." (Creese, 1988, 294)

Despite this possible explanation there were other factors as well that determined the white workers to exclude Asians. However, there was a sense of lack of organization at the level of immigrant workers especially because they were considered to have no desire for such an organization. Even so, in some cases, there was also a fear of the extremist workers who were considered to be capable of radicalism (Creese, 1988, 294). Other opinions suggest that economic factors as well as ideological ones are also viable for offering an explanation. In this sense, there were irreconcilable differences in terms…


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Cocoon Howard 1985 Is a 1985 Sci-fi Fantasy
Words: 991 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 29206506
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Cocoon (Howard, 1985) is a 1985 Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre film directed by Ron Howard, who previously directed such films as Splash and Night Shift. Benefitting from the kindly type of aliens previously seen in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cocoon used the advanced technologies of benevolent aliens to explore aging and the pros/cons of reversing that process. Aided by a veteran cast and superior editing/special effects, Cocoon became a hit film.

General Theme/Overview, Style, Plot and Character Development

The general theme is the exploration of aging and the pros/cons of reversing the process, using the style of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The plot involves the extraordinary results of humans interacting with kindly, advanced aliens, and the dilemmas caused by those results. Thousands of years ago, aliens from Antarea lived on the island of Atlantis on Earth. The island sank and 20 Antareans stayed behind so other Antareans would have…

Works Cited

Howard, R. (Director). (1985). Cocoon [Motion Picture].

Starting From 19th Century Psychology School of
Words: 3034 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16938592
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Starting from 19th century psychology, school of thought of behaviorist shared commonalities and as well ran concurrently with the 20th century psychology of psychoanalytic and Gestalt movements, however it was different from Gestalt psychologists' mental philosophy in significant ways. Psychologists who had major influences in it were Edward Lee Thorndike, John B. atson, they opposed method of introspective and advocated to use of experimental methods: Ivan Pavlov, investigated classical conditioning, but he was not to the idea of behaviorists or behaviorism: B.F. Skinner, he did his research on operant conditioning.

During second half of the 20th century, it was widely eclipsed that behaviorism was due to cognitive revolution. Even though behaviorism as well as cognitive schools of psychological thought tends to disagree in terms of theory, they have gone a head to compliment one another within applications of practical therapeutic, for example, cognitive-behavioral therapy has shown utility in treating some…

Work cited

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Visitor Attraction Management LO 1 Legoland Denmark
Words: 4004 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 500431
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Visitor Attraction Management

(LO 1) Legoland, Denmark and the Sydney Opera House

LEGOLAND® Billund is Denmark's most famous and popular amusement park for families and children of all ages (Legoland Billund Resort, 2012). Legoland Billund opened on June 7, 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park is located next to the original Lego factory which has been a primary economic driver for the entire community since Ole Kirk Christansen began manufacturing Legos mid-century. Because of the Lego factory providing many local jobs, the Lego brand and business had already been integrated into the local culture before the construction of the park. However, after the park was built it became an immediate success and serves as one of the top three attractions in Europe attracting close to two million visitors per year. Therefore, the Lego factory and the Legoland theme park are the primary drivers of economic activity for the entire community.…

Works Cited

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Available at:  [Accessed 9 January 2013].

Business Environment Cause Changes in Supply and
Words: 1295 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36715157
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business environment cause changes in supply and demand? Cite and explain at least two examples from the simulation.

Changes in the business environment increase or decrease supply and demand under different circumstances and assumptions. If the change in the business environment aims at reducing the cost of the product or service under demand and supply study, it has the influence of increasing the quantity demanded (Mungui-Pupazan, 2009). This entails that the quantity of commodities consumer is willing and able to pay for increases with a decrease in the cost of the products or services available at their disposal. Quantity demanded would exert much pressure on the few commodities if a producer is willing and able to supply in order to much the needs of the market. This forces the price to increase in order to reduce the shortage in the market. From the simulation, GoodLife reduces the rental rates in…


An Empirical Estimation of the Factors Affecting Demand and Supply of Poultry Meat. (2010). Pakistan Veterinary Journal, 30(3), 172-174.

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Power Is Depicted in William Shakespeare's King
Words: 772 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47357493
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power is depicted in William Shakespeare's "King Lear," Book I of John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and Francis Bacon's "Of Plantations" and "The Idols" from his "Novum Organum."

Shakespeare's depiction of power in King Lear shows how cunning, ruthless people come to gain political power at the expense of those that show qualities that one would desire in a leader: nobility, honesty and integrity. Shakespeare's key focus is the transition of power from one king or leader to his progeny. In King Lear, the title role decides to abdicate the throne and divide his kingdom equally between his three daughters: Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. Whereas the first two flatter him, Cordelia is honest and is ultimately punished for it: she loses her inheritance. In another part of the story, two brothers fight for control of a dukedom.

Here Shakespeare illustrates a contradiction between well-meaning, honest people and manipulative, power-hungry people. One…

Walter Gropius
Words: 2619 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87659751
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Walter Gropius

Germany's high culture of the late medieval period was followed by a slow decline. In the seventeenth century the Thirty Year's War wrecked her material and political potential for more than a century. In the late eighteenth century, during a period of political importance, classic German literature was produced in the small princely courts. In the early nineteenth century, a thin layer of highly cultivated individuals began to produce omantic poetry and music, at a time when Germany as a whole was pervaded by a depressing political reaction, which expressed itself in bitter opposition to economic freedom in the development of commerce and industry.

In contrast to the rest of Europe, in Germany the period between 1816 and 1843, which saw the flowering of its omantic music and literature also witnessed an ever-increasing proportion of the population engaged in handicrafts. Not only this, but the number of employees…


Banham, Reyner 1980 Theory and Design in the First Machine Age. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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Matthew Shepard
Words: 1980 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22390133
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Matthew Shepad Stoy," diected by Roge Spottiswoode, is a 2002 Canadian-Ameican television film highlighting the tue stoy of 21-yea-old gay youth, Matthew Shepad. The film scenaio witten by Jacob Kuege and John Wieick, stas Stockad Channing as Judy Shepad, Sam Wateson as Dennis Shepad, and Shane Meie as Matthew Shepad. The poduces of the film wee Alliance Atlantis Communications and the film pemieed Mach 16, 2002 on NBC and CTV. "The Laamie Poject," a simila film, aied the same day on HBO.

The film "The Matthew Shepad Stoy" depicts the violent hate cime committed by a pai of men who beat and ob Matthew one night in Octobe 1998 in Wyoming. Matthew was left to die, while the two men sped off in the ca. The fist scene in the movie goes staight to the violence, showing the two men tying up, beating Matthew, and taking off his shoes. The…

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Cultures and Histories of People
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Interactivity With One's Culture

The concepts of literature and history as identified in the excerpt from the Potiki that is referenced in this assignment is one of continuous interaction. Moreover, they underscore the degree of continuity that these people have with their past, which is quite at variance with conventional Western perceptions of the past. These facts are demonstrated throughout the manuscript that this excerpt stems from. Still, they are indicated perhaps most poignantly in the subsequent quotation "But our main book was the wharenui which is itself a story, a history, a gallery, a study, a design structure and a taonga. And we were part of that book along with family past and family yet to come."

What this particular section means is that the indigenous people have a deep rooted connection to the wharenui and to their background that transcends mere heirlooms and symbols (which is typically how…


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Rates of death and disease
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Population of the City of Atlantis on March 30, 2003 = 183,000

of new active cases of TB occurring between January 1 and June 30, 2003 = 52

of active TB cases according to the city register on June 30, 2003 = 238

The incidence rate of active cases of TB for the 6-month period was: [ONE POINT]

per 100,000 population per 100,000 population per 100,000 population per 100,000 population

130 per 100,000 population

183,000 is 183% of 100,000, so the rate per 100,000 would be 52 divided by 1.84...or 28.

The prevalence of active TB as of June 30, 2003, was: [ONE POINT]

14 per 100,000 population

130 per 100,000 population

144 per 100,000 population

264 per 100,000 population

e. none of the above

B -- using the same math as above...except it's 238 / 1.84 -- 129.3

3. Which of the following is an advantage of active surveillance?…

How the young use technology
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Technology & Education

hen it comes to the viewpoint of most interested parties and scholars, technology has led to a boom in education. hether it be laptops, tablets, smartphones or other devices, technology is seen as a way to supplement or create learning opportunities and thus improve the educational outcomes of anyone that uses those solutions. However, there are some minds that are less than optimistic about technology and its effect on the educated and education in general. Samuel Freedman and Maggie Jackson, just to name two, note that technology is the antithesis of an education panacea and rather creates a situation where students can become distracted or even uneducable. hile technology can assist in education and should be used for the same, the means and methods that are used need to be carefully controlled or the technology in question will actually make things worse rather than better.



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Airline Analysis and Performance Review
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Airline Performance eview and Analysis

TKL Air Lines will be an American Airline that will be operating in the multiple routes across North America in the United States, Canada and Mexico. TKL will provide the cargo and passenger services serving more than 30 destinations. The company will also be serving up to 10 million customers yearly, and more than 1,500 customers for the daily flight. TKL's major activities will include inbound logics, operations, outbound logistics, services, marketing and sales. Our company will focus on the underserved and unserved routes to the meet the needs of the unmet market demands. We will be serving the niche market where the market demand is generally unmet to meet the key traffic demand on some key seasonal, regional and variable routes. Moreover, we will integrate the latest information and electronic technologies to enhance maximum efficiency as well as cutting the marketing and operating costs.…


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