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This question appears to be at the heart of the production of the movie. I however felt that between the action of the astronauts and the images from the telescope the question was lost. A question that is central to the construction of life on earth or at least the belief of life on other planets. Hubble 3D is however still very captivating.

The short running time while criticized by some is a great feature of the movie. Any longer and the audience would have been treated to the very mundane activities of the astronauts. The length is critical to making this movie work. It is short but not too short. You get the sense that the director is attempting to send a message about space and the...


I imagine that the intent is to suggest that by virtue of this interaction that ultimately man will conquer space. The challenges of working in space are highlighted but in a manner that suggests that the challenges are not insurmountable. Looking at the work of the Atlantis crew restores your confidence in the possibilities of human ingenuity.

The outstanding feature of this film is the visuals. As you would expect a film dealing with a space-based telescope should have stunning visual images that are draw dropping and breath taking. It is here that the movie satisfies. The journey through the stars that is the product of Hubble images is simply wonderful. The viewer is impressed by the magnificence of the images and the wonderment of some naturally occurring phenomena that are literally out of this world. The images shown present worlds that are millions if not billions of light years away from earth, the 3D galaxies are woven together with supreme skill. Ultimately, the viewer is awe struck by the critical role the Hubble telescope has played in the comprehension we have of…

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