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marketing in Germany with marketing in the United States.

The United States Department of State provides cultural, political, economic and other information regarding the marketing opportunities in Germany. The site explains that Germany is currently the fourth largest economy in the world and it accounts for "…more than one-fifth of European Union GDP" ( Germany is in fact the largest trading partner in Europe for the U.S., and Germany is the sixth largest in the world for U.S. exports. With a population of more than 82 million people, an economy that grew 3% in 2011, and with "…few formal barriers to U.S. trade or investment," Germany is an ideal place for an American company to market its goods and services (

What products find most success in the German market? The most successful entrants into the German market are "…those that offer innovative products" that feature "modern styling" and "high quality"; moreover, German consumers respond very positively to computers, computer software, electronics, and other high technology products from the United States ( Automotive technology, health care products, medical devices and synthetic materials also fit into the category of items that do well in the German marketplace. Given that German has "…one of the highest Internet access rates" in the European Union, new products that are in the "multi-media, high-tech and service areas offer great potential as increasing numbers of Germans" are online daily and appreciate digital communication and information (

In other words, the German culture is very alert to technology advances, and the price of a product being marketed in Germany is not as important as the quality of that product. In addition to technology products, the German consumer is willing to buy "certain agricultural products" from U.S. exporters. The German market is "decentralized and diverse," and the site suggests that knowledge of the regional differences in Germany is very helpful in terms of a marketing strategy in Germany. It is vital for a marketing firm to understand that in Germany there are "…domestic firms with established presences" that are the principal competitors for American products, but American firms can still succeed notwithstanding the competition from well-known German brands if their products are of "high quality" -- and if American products are offered to Germans at "competitive prices" (

In terms of the legal aspect of marketing in Germany, the U.S. And Germany have a "Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation" which means that American investors can move money freely in and out of Germany (U.S. Department of State). Moreover, Germany and the U.S. are both members of The World Bank, the G-20, the G-8, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization (WTO) among others. Politically, the U.S. And Germany "…share a commitment to an open and expanding world economy" and are both democratic countries with close political ties. Germany has been a "main driver behind the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC)," which is a political body that "seeks to deepen cooperation between the United States and the European Union" by promoting economic growth" through trade and the creation of jobs (U.S. Department of State). In fact Germany and the United States hold "regular Informal Commercial Exchange (ICE) Talks to update each other on various economic issues (U.S. Department of State).

Mobile Marketing in Germany

Among the numerous ways that companies can market their products and services in Germany, the online marketing opportunities in Germany are significant, according to As mentioned earlier, Germans are very digitally empowered, and in fact Germany has 67.5 million Internet users, and 51 million (monthly) mobile web users and approximately 7.5 million Germans access the Internet through their smart phones ( For American marketers seeking sales in Germany, it behooves those marketers to know which brand / mobile sites are accessed most often by German online users. Google is accessed by 4,250,103 Germans each month; MSN/Windows Live/Bing is accessed by 2,257,609 users monthly; Yahoo is accessed by 1,823,827 German online users each month (

Marketing in the United States

The U.S. economy is presently rebounding from a serious recession, but based on Third Quarter growth in 2012 (3.1%), the U.S. economy is growing. Like Germany, the U.S. welcomes foreign corporations to market their goods in the U.S. Both countries are…[continue]

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