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Yet, one should take into account a certain part of the statement, regarding the status of the victims. The expression "low net worth people" must not, by any chance and even if it's the case of citing an authority, appear in an article. No matter the status and the position of a person in the society's hierarchy, life is the most valuable good one has and has the same importance for all peers.

In general, the article can receive a positive review. It is objective and the case is clearly exposed, it does not contain irrelevant pieces of information and it does not insist on minor details. The lack of description for protagonists leads to creating no preconceptions. Furthermore, media does not roughly exploit the story. One can not assume there is sensitiveness in narrating the case, but as mentioned before, the article relies on objectiveness. However, the only aspect that might be considered as being insensitive regards the characterization of the victims.

Also, the most important aspect is the cited source, which follows the statement of a person involved in the investigation and therefore, becomes trustful.

Alberta Woman Assaulted after Answering Online Ad

The current article narrates the case of a 21-year-old woman from Alberta, who addressed to the police for having being drugged and sexually assaulted. The woman had previously established a date through an advertisement. The settlement consisted in the possibility to live in a house in exchange of offering sex to the author of the announcement. The man recommended himself as being 31 years old, open minded and decent and just looking for "some fun." After agreeing to a meeting and entering a residence in Chestermere, the woman was drugged and sexually abused.

In the end, the article mentions the existence of a culprit arrested for killing a woman and robbing another using this type of advertisement.

To being with, a significant part of the article relies on describing in detail the process of answering the announcement, of exchanging addresses, of meeting. As mentioned above in the analysis of the previous articles, the way in which the victim is described is very important, as it has a great impact on the image the reader creates for himself by reading.

In the current situation, the reader is informed right from the title of the article about the woman's action of answering a certain type of advertisement. The image of a woman meeting a man through an announcement with sexual implication builds the image of a certain category of women and directly leads to placing responsibility on the victim, not on the aggressor.

Reporters' own considerations and preferences for including some details and avoiding others is what leads to misperceptions and created social attitudes towards a case or a category of people.

Moreover, this type of approach emphasizes not the violent act that has occurred and whose victim was a helpless, undefended woman, but the image of a woman offering sex in exchange of a home. One should ask, first of all, what were the reasons of the respective woman that made her resort to such a solution. The same case, with the same protagonists can be analyzed from different perspectives and the guilty person would appear differently, in accord to what is mentioned about her and what is avoided.

In terms of cited source, the article uses statements from people involved in the community and local service, which one can consider a positive aspect, as people who can share from their day-to-day experience from a community are not only interested in talking, but can offer important information both for the media and for the local inhabitants.

As a conclusion, the article offers the exact model of a case which emphasizes not the offence itself, but the character's background, managing to place the responsibility almost exclusively on the victim. Moreover, details about the aggressor are not even mentioned. The only statement regarding consists in reminding the existence of a precedent in these type of cases, a robber and a killer who used to find his victims through advertisements.

What one must know is that, in contrast to this article, crimes that occur must be analyzed from all points-of-view and one must look for the context as a whole. Not the fact the above-mentioned woman rejoined the advertisement is relevant for the case, but the reasons which stood behind her choice. Only by finding correlations among all factors, one can contribute to the improvement of crimes' statistics, as he can learn how to prevent.

Desperate mom wants boys

The following article relies, not as the previous ones, on a specific case of crime, but approaches an extremely large area of interest, especially for the field of sociology: the discrimination of women.

There is, in some parts of the world and cultures, the deeply rooted idea that a woman must give birth to boys instead of girls, as boys would carry the name of the family and bring luck, while girls would need a constant concern for getting them married and are, in general, unwished. The best example is the Indian population.

The article presents the numerous tries of a woman to get pregnant with boys. The editorial is extremely interesting, as it brings to front not only the discrimination of Indian women, but also their status and role in the family, which results from their desperation to have baby boys. They are constantly humiliated, accused and punished for a thing they have no power to control and are not responsible for: the sex of their babies.

Indians seem to have developed a real industry for avoiding girl births. This is what emerges from this article.

However, the article appears as extremely complex, not only when judging by the approached theme, but also by its structure and conclusions that it highlights. It builds full view of the situation of these ethnicities, a view that one completes with statistical data on ratio regarding boys and girls, disproportions, etc.

Its main positive point is that it looks for the context as a whole. The problem does not consist in the person who sells drugs and pills that impedes the birth of the girls, but in the people's indoctrination. As mentioned in the article, "It's a decades-old problem," one can refer to as a culture that is old for centuries and that people are not willing to renounce to. However, this large perspective of analyzing this case gives one the possibility to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon and to search for appropriate solutions.

Also, the article relates a lot on sensitiveness. The manner in which one presents a case not only influences the perception over him, but may also be a good strategy for developing achievements. The fact that Indian women receive a bad treatment in their families is not unfamiliar to anyone, so maybe just presenting the case of a male abusing a woman would not have had a more powerful impact.

But by presenting the situation as the article does, with a general approach to the issue and an introduction to the Indian world, followed by searching methods for improving and development will surely create a strong social attitude towards this.

It seems, though, that for some task, a general approach of the issue is more helpful than concentrating on a specific issue. Obviously, it depends on the gravity of the subject. But in the case of this article, it manages to create connections among internal and external factors, it "thinks outside the box" and by this, it calls for the reader's…[continue]

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