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Dealing with racial injustices is not always easy given that to some extent, it could involve changing laws and cultural patterns. For this reason, pastoral caregivers must be provided with skills and knowledge in anti-discriminative pastoral care so as to effectively execute their roles and also deal with disparities associated with racism. On this front, various insights could come in handy. For instance, anti-racist pastoral care can involve practices that include love for one-self and for one another. This is more so the case given that while love empowers racial justice, hatred decays the same. For this reason, pastoral care should include teachings that include partnerships and long term relationships with others so as to ensure that racial justice prevails. For instance, pastoral caregivers can be sensitized on the importance of extending love to all regardless of superficial differences. The mere presence of pastoral caregivers who, for instance, are culturally competent, can have a huge impact on anti-racism efforts. Therefore, pastoral caregivers ought to be familiar with modes of referencing the needs of all persons in the community.

Apart from using love and compassion, pastoral care can also include teachings on the importance of engaging in diversity and difference whereby practices of solidarity are involved. Essentially, racism can be confronted with solidarity whereby suffering is collectively ameliorated. This is more so the case given that racism not only affects the individual directly involved, but it also other bystanders resulting in diminished harmony across the nation. Each persons dignity happens to be an intrinsic factor and should, thus, be respected. In the final analysis, it would be prudent to note that other stakeholders should be roped in as well to successfully rein in racial injustices.

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