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Why an NYIT Fine Arts Education

NYIT Fine Arts is a hallmark in the industry in terms of quality programs and faculty excellence. I would like to be able to draw from the knowledge that the NYIT Fine Arts' faculty artists can impart, especially since the faculty complement is recognized as the best in the industry. The same can be said for NYIT's technical facilities, which serve as benchmarks for other institutions. I know that what I have is limited and an NYIT education will definitely fill the gaps in my talents and capabilities.

NYIT's goal is directly supportive of my purpose in life. I believe NYIT Fine Arts can, and definitely will, not only "make me as good as I can be" but also "turn me into the best that I can be." I believe that NYIT Fine Arts' creative and competitive environment will make me achieve this end result. This type of academic environment will allow me to further develop my potential and, in the process, drive me to create works I could call my own. This has a very deep impact on what I would want to accomplish: create something I could call my own and be proud of and, at the same time, serve as fuel for my entrepreneurial goal.

This NYIT environment, which nurtures creativity while utilizing emerging technologies, is ideal for me because I am constantly in pursuit of learning new things. How NYIT integrates theory, technology, and practice, I believe, is the approach that I need to complement the technical background I've already acquired in my undergraduate studies.

I've always felt that I could accomplish more if I were given the right chance and if the right opportunity presented itself. My application for inclusion in the Master of Fine Arts program is the opportunity I was waiting for. I know that I am taking a very big chance. I am very sure that today is the right day. I believe that I could do so much more.

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